Sunday, 10 June 2007

An early Father's Day Celebration

We decided to have an early Father's Day Celebration as I will be in Redang next week and my father will be flying to Indonesia on some business deals. So sis and I took at drive back to Seremban. We went to a restaurant near Seremban Garden. Cheap and nice.

Cant remember what this vegetable is called ? Any idea anyone ?
Chicken with yam (Fatt Poot)
Fried Pork ribs ... my favorite !!!! (Pai Guat Wong)
Salty Pork.... (Ham Yue Zhue Yok)

I always treasure the time spent with family. Dad I am really proud of you and I love you so much and I am grateful for all that you have provided for me and taught me over the years.


day-dreamer said...

Is that veggie called dau miu a.k.a 豆苗? It looks like it to me...

Nice shots of the food! *claps* Wonder how long they have to wait before feasting on those yummy-looking dishes. :P

Happy Fathers' Day in advance!

danial ma :: a wannabe said...

happy father's day to your dad...

fibrate said...

*navigation malfunction again* Where is Seremban Garden?

Anonymous said...

Hello, i'm blog hopping. I love the food pics. U take lovely pictures.

Kind regards
Anne Juan

Dr ve Thru said...

Thanks, you just reminded me that it's father's day next week. Nice food....sadly it is hard to find such delectable dishes over here....making me drool.

Raymond said...

yeah,its tao miu with very awful smell.Hate it!
Hey take some wonderful beach pics in redang ya

greenpasture said...

I like the way you love your family, I have a lot to learn from you.

eve said...

Will be celebrating this weekend..together with hubby's stone kills 2 birds..

yltan said...

wah..i am hungry already! nice pictures of the food...

agus said...

Salivating now... gotta get them good food soon.

Yan said...

Good photographs of food!

And nice food too!

Las montañas said...

I counted a total of 5000 calories for all those!!

poohbearee said...

Nvm the calories. Afterall, it is Father's Day. Heehee. Nice pics of food. Salty pork??? Nv hear before.

CP Waterman said...

Happy father's day to your dad!
I got to your blog thro Raymond and found your testimonies most edifying. Praise God! You are just passing by and I'm doing just that here in Paris!
Could not resist to visit your blog regularly. So good I have now linked it to my blog.Hope you don't mind my brother!
Take care and trust that God will surely lead you.


p/s luv the foods..........

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
Hehe finally I know what the vegetable is called ...hehe

Thanks ... no lah they din have to wait long ... just snap fast and time to makan :D

danial ma

Erm Seremban Garden is on the way to Giant Senawang ... dont worry when I am back in Seremban we can go makan together with jimbo :D

anne juan
Thanks for dropping by :D

dr ve thru
Thanks ... when u r in Seremban .. let me know I bring you to makan :D

Yup I am planning to take lots of pictures and then it is back to books and work :D

Thanks :D
I am still learning God's grace

Hehe ...happy birthday to your husband in advance :D

thanks :D

when wanna go makan ? hehe
you know where to find me :D

Thanks alot :D

las montanas
Hehe I think I only ate about 1200 calories if divided by 4 of us ...hehe

salty pork very nice leh ... come I bring you and makan

Thanks for dropping by
I am really encouraged :D
God is my life and my all in all and I am nothing apart from Him.
I have also linked you to my blog :D