Friday, 22 June 2007

Day 1 Redang ( Part 3 - People )

After we checked into the rooms.... the rest of them went for their dives. There were boat trips to different sites for snorkeling provided by the resort. I was staying at Pelangi Resort Redang. Not too bad and there was an air con in the room. So I decided to take a nap before I do anything as I only slept about 2 hours and I was walking around like a zombie. But little did I know that I wont be getting much sleep either as Redang was crowded with people and there screams and shouts while they were playing football, volleyball, etc. But thank God a short nap was better than nothing. When one of the guys came back, we decided to take a walk along the beach. I brought my Canon 350 D along initally to capture some landscape but in the end I used my zoom lens 75-300mm canon lens to capture pictures of people and here are a few of the pictures :D

I really like this picture of this couple just enjoying each other's company. I hope that someday I can also share this special moment with someone special.
My newfound friend walking ahead of me
I try include some human elements in my photos :D

I wanted the try the parachute sailing thingy at first but I was wondering if I was too ..erm ... heavy to even go up in the air
This picture was taken as the lady in green thought I was a photographer or journalist from a chinese newspaper as I was walking around with my Canon 350D with the zoom lens.... so she asked me to take a picture of them burying someone with sand. Oppss forgot the get the email add or contact number from the girl in blue :D
Wow some people really come to Redang for a sun tan. I was covering myself with sunblock :D

Ok gonna hit the sack now ... I am on call tomorrow ... more when I am back and lucid ..hehe

Good night :D


Kok Hon said...

Yeah...should have gotten the girl in blue phone no...and pretend that you are THE REPORTER...and my gawd....girl in black...longkang all can see ady...purposely posed for you??? :p

sbanboy said...

kok hon

Erm ....... :D

anastasia said...

May I just say that I think the pictures you took are really good. =D
And looks like you had a good time. =)

Chen said...

no sun burn, i presume :)

day-dreamer said...

I wouldn't really dare to capture pictures of people. Hahaha! ;)

doc said...


you need to work harder at the gym la! heh heh!

kyh said...

so nice... i miss my langkawi trip... :(

poohbearee said...

LOL at Kok Hon's comment.

I love your pics! And also influenced by my colleagues. So tempted now to buy a SLR.

Las montañas said...

pooh! buy buy buy! DSLR is good! They wld even give u a free gift of a table top white elephant! :P

sbanboy said...

thanks :D

Thanks for dropping by

No sun burn ... only a nice golden tan ...hehe

day dreamer
The pictures I curi curi tangkap one with my zoom lens

Already started working out in the gym again time I shall go on the parachute sailing thingy and look good at the same time ..hehe


You missed your trip ?


las montanas
Ditto ...hehe.

poohbearee said...

Cannot buy yet. No $$ no time. Must wait.

Wat is table top white elephant?

eve said...

Wahhhhhh..cuci mata habis habis hor? LOL