Sunday, 27 May 2007

Weekend with doc

Managed to have a great weekend with doc and his lovely family. He had a super busy week at the hospital but we were able to spend some quality time...... most important .... FOOD FOOD FOOD !!!!

We had "Ikan Bakar" on Friday night.

A popular eating spot ..... it was packed when we arrived but we were able to get a place to sit.

Fried sotong

Otak otak .... my all time favorite

Nasi lemak.

On Saturday night I had more "makan" session at doc's Cell Group's Pot bless. There were so much food.... turkey, duck stew, Seremban Siew Pau, Macoroni, Lamb Stew, Chicken curry, Sotong sambal, Steamed vegetables, Salad, Chocolate cheese cake, jello, pandan jelly, waffles and orange juice. I think I might have lost count at the number of dishes was great making new friends.

Decided to drive home back to Seremban after the pot bless as I wanted to attend church on Sunday.


Las montañas said...

Lovely food! Keeps the stomach full and happy! :P

sbanboy said...

las montanas
Yeah loh .... one day I will come fei loh ship with u in Singapore ... hehe