Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Talks over pork soup and coffee

I managed to have dinner with a dear friend who will be transferred to Sabah soon. It was great to be able to catch up on each other's lives. The best part was that he is one of the very few people who I can just sit and talk about Jesus and what He had done in my life.

We had dinner at the Hawker Centre at Taipan USJ. We both ordered the yummy Pork Soup laden with MSG :) ... but it is just too yummy to resist. We talked and talked and then we headed over the Fatman Steamboat ... which was actually like "satay celup".

Later we continued the fellowship at Old town Kopitiam where we ordered white cold coffee and kaya toast.
Yummy cold white coffee

Kaya Toast .... :)

There are not many people who I can just sit and fellowship due to my work schedule. I have yet to find a prayer partner or a group of Christians who I can really fellowship with for support and encouragement at the place I work. Thus I do treasure the time when I can just sit down over coffee with a brother or sister in Christ and talk about Jesus.

I was just sharing about how I finally realized that I needed these few knocks in life to make me realize a lot of things about God and myself. The failures were God's way of shaping me to be more like His Son, Jesus. I realize now that if I was left in my old lifestyle when I was back in Kuala Pilah...I will be too comfortable .... I will be too complacent. I would still be running away from the things that God wanted me to face and remove from my life. What I have been through these few years ..... had shaken me to the core. Shook my foundation. Stripped me of all that I thought I was. In the process of losing myself ... I found myself in Jesus. When all foundation was stripped away ... destroyed .... when I had nothing else to fall back on but Jesus alone ... was when I found myself again. It was when I finally made peace with myself .... I learned to accept myself with my weakness and strength.

I learned to see things, people and life through His eyes. I learned not to hold on to things so tightly anymore ... I learned to let go. I learn to lay up treasures in heaven. I learned to realize who are my true friends and learned to let go of those who are not. I am very excited at what God has planned out for me. And I will never have it any other way .... the failures, heartaches, depression, loneliness, etc .... God used all of it to make me stronger and drew me closer to Him and I love Him so passionately and fiercely now. I learned to thank Him in all situations and because of Him ... I am thankful for another day, another chance to live for Him ... to love Him and to make Him known. And the talks continue .... another chapter enfolds .....

NASB: And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (NASB ©1995)



fibrate said...

You sure love your food...and God :)

just me said...

Friends with whom we can be our transparent selves and able to encourage us are one of the great blessings in life!

Jimbo said...

Aye aye! Thot I'd better leave a note before I am chided for being too silent a reader! :-)

day-dreamer said...

You are one strong believer in religion. That is very good. :)

And the pork soup looks yummy!

poohbearee said...

Hey, just wanna to let your know that your sharing is encouraging :)

Happy working again tmr.

Chen said...

good friends are really jewels
they are really gifts from heaven :)

sbanboy said...

I do love God :D then food :D

just me
Thank God for friends :D

Hello silent reader

day dreamer
Yup the pork soup is yummy

Thanks poohbearee

Yeah time to start work :D

sbanboy said...

Yup :D

Thanks for being a friend :D

Yan said...

Yes, friendship so blest, so rich, so free. Not many recognize the wonderful, quieting, calming and warming of friendship. You are blessed.

That also remains me of this verse -

You remain. (Heb 1:11)

Friends, friendship, joys in small or great degree may leave us,
but He remains!

Let's feel the unseen presence of Him.

Yan said...

Oop, sorry, an error, it should read -

That also reminds me of this verse...

sbanboy said...

Very true ... I only have a handful of friends who I can just be transparent and let my guard down. And they are priceless :D

Thanks for sharing