Monday, 7 May 2007

Soon I will be free to pursue my passion ... Photography !

Taken in Melaka Zoo last year...... soon I will be free to pursue my passion .... photography .... oppss back to books :D


day-dreamer said...

Very impressive pictures indeed. *thumbs up*

eve said...

Good luck..I thought I was a bit too late..but no hor?..

sbanboy said...

Thanks :D

Starts on May 10th ...... thanks :D

doc said...


and all this time you've deceived us into believing that your passion was EATING!!

(or maybe you're one of the rare species who excels in more than 1 pre-occupation))

sbanboy said...

Hehe u !!!!

Hehe ... yup my passion is photography.....

Another passion is singing ... I miss that alot ... I used to sing in church back at my home church. One day God will open a door for me to serve Him.

Las montañas said...

what?! you sing? bass or tenor

sbanboy said...

las montanas
I sing Tenor :D

Dr ve Thru said...

Great photos. Have you thought of entering any competitions?
Have you got a digital SLR and if so, what brand?
I am looking to buy one for my husband.