Sunday, 13 May 2007

Out of stamina

Just another 2 days to go and I am running out of stamina .... mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted trying to battle negative thoughts. So many "holes" to patch and so little time. Hardly did much studying these past 2 days ... just staring at the notes ... most of the information are jumbled up.

Dear God, please give me peace of heart and mind which the world cannot give.... the peace that comes from You alone. Please help me to organise my thoughts. Please help me to recall what I have studied before. Let me not let the past cripple me ....and may all the worst senarios which I had imagined in my mind... not come true. Amen


may said...

add oil, add oil! and good luck, hope your stamina lasts you a wee bit longer to get through it all!

doc said...


day-dreamer said...

Come on!! You're gonna make it!! 2 days only!! Gambateh!!