Monday, 28 May 2007

Mom's love

Just had to blog about this and also another excuse to use my 350D which had been neglected when I was preparing for my exams .....hehe.....anyway my mom make "real" chicken essence with herbs. She used 3 chicken drumsticks. She peeled away the skin and fat. Put the chicken and herbs in a pressure cooker and let it cooked. No water added. And the result "real" chicken essence which is so yummy.
Chicken essence laced with mom's love
I had ham cha for dinner which is a hakka dish of vegetable and nuts. My friend Kok Hon blogged about it in his blog.

Not been feeling too well these past few days. So I am actually taking smaller quantities and more careful with what I eat. Been having gastritis. Hope I get well before I start work on Friday.


fibrate said...

Innit Lui Cha?

sbanboy said...

Apa tu ?

fibrate said...

The ham cha dish looks like lui cha, which is a Hakka specialty - cooked with tea leaves and lots of nuts. They're probably the same thing.

George said...

sbanboy, i miss the chicken essence! Hmmm.. better get well soon otherwise I would end up scoping you! He He free!

sbanboy said...

Confirmed with parents ..yup u r right ... it is lui cha also. :D

Yeah I better get well soon ... I had OGDS done before and it was not a pleasant experience ...

Chicken essence ... yup much much better than the bottled ones :D

Ray said...

god bless u! only start work on fri.....long 'vacation' eh :-)

kyh said...

get well soon! good luck in ur exam and everything! :)

sbanboy said...

Yup only start work this Fri. :D

Thanks alot ... :D

hey din know kyh stands for Kill You Hard ? hehe

day-dreamer said...

We call it lui cha here, and I absolutely LOVE it!

So healthy! I remember once when I was working, I had it for lunch everyday! Hahaha. Yum yum.

eve said...

Though I m a Hakka , I dunno wat is lui cha...malu nyer..i like the chic essence which my mom make with chic bones one..hmmm.. yummy..So , go bek to work on friday then Sat and Sun off again..nice...

kyh said...

kyh is my initial, kill you hard is a result of an online name decoder. :P

poohbearee said...

Wow. The chicken essence looks terribly fattenting! :P

Dunno wats this lui cha thingy. Nx time i go msia will look out for it.

just me said...

Home-made chicken essence is the best! Took a lot during my pregnancy days.

Chen said...

all these while i call the dish as lui cha. This is the first time i come across the name as ham cha ;)

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
I really have a friend now who is having is daily for lunch :D

My hakka also cacat ... hehe... yup working Fri then visit a friend in Genting and then church on Sunday. Will be hitting the lib from Fri onwards goes on


Not very fattening lah ... mom already removed the fat and skin ... what is left is only the juice ..hehe

Yup do try out lui cha when u r back in Malaysia :D

just me
Yup home made chicken essence is the best :D

hehe...all these while I only knew it as ham cha ... until I had to double check with my parents when fibrate mentioned it ...hehe

Yan said...

Lui Cha is one of my new-found love. My good friend, Sandra introduced to me while I was in Kuching some years back.

Thanks for sharing.

Should try your mum's way of making chicken essence :)

Selba said...

ham cha.. lui cha... never heard before... looks yummy :) where to find it?

agus said...

I think it's also known as lui cha. Tried it several times. Desperately bitter. I think the green leaves are changkok manis. Always love that vege, stir fried.

Or maybe it's a totally different dish, ham cha and lui cha.

DrFrappucino said...

Love your post on anti-arrhythmic drugs pneumonic.. keep them coming bro!!

sbanboy said...

Hey thanks for dropping by .... yup u shud try out my mom's way of making the chicked essence. You can use half a chicken :D ..depending on how much you want...but do peel off the skin and the fat ... so it is just the juice which is left :D

I know where to go in Seremban and my sister told me there is one in Shah Alam also. Maybe if there are any Hakka community at your place ... then sure got lui cha ..hehe

Next u come visit Malaysia I bring u loh :D

Hehe... ham cha and lui cha are the same

Hehe...thanks for dropping by ... will be posting more ways to remember ...hehe