Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Late night snack

Now that the McD in Taipan USJ opens 24 hours daily ... I can pop in anytime for get my favorite desert ... Chocolate Sundae. Nothing like a good desert to lift up my spirits ... (hey doc ... it is not all about food :D )

Was quite down today as I was getting so little done ... in fact nothing was going in my brain and I rather be doing other things. But this book by Max Lucado - Facing Your Giants .... 2 sentences caught my attention


I feel like David facing Goliath. And as doc reminded me again " God will help you. but will you let Him?" Today I was actually allowing Goliath to taunt me ... telling me that it is impossible, that I cant do it... crippling me. But now I am learning that I dont have to listen to the taunts... that I can keep a deaf ear to all these taunts. Now I choose instead to focus on God. On His greatness. And that He is a faithful God no matter what happens and that He had brought me so far and NEVER let me down before. I still have one solid week to brush up on the core topics. Thanks for the prayers ... now back to my chocolate sundae :D


kyh said...

oh this sundae i havent tried for yrs! kinda miss it...

is that a macbook?

cheer up! it's may! :)

sbanboy said...

Now the Sundae price down to RM2.50 ... shud go try it ... hehe

yup it's my 2Ghz 2 gig RAM macbook ... hehe

Las montañas said...

no no no no no... not these quick sources of simple sugars.. after that you'll feel "lousy" again.

Get off to a good diet with adequate protein and complex carbo. Sure beats plenty of caffeine. ;) and you can last longer and remember your learned stuff bettter.

sbanboy said...

las montanas
After my exams I am hopping on to a bus and coming to Singapore to see you and you can give me a crash course on diet and exercise. :D

mjiahua :: tyne&wear said...

hhhhmmmm...someone got 2 gig jealous loh...hehehehhehe...when can i have mine?

sbanboy said...

mjiahua :: tyne&wear
When you come back to Malaysia I bring you to buy only selling about RM 150 for 1 gig RAM :D

Bernard said...

All da best!

Uahh.. the sundae looks precarious on top of da macbook.

sbanboy said...

Thanks alot :D

Sapu the sundae before it fell off my macbook ... hehe