Friday, 4 May 2007

Dinner at Hainan Chef Summit USJ

Had dinner at Hainan Chef Summit USJ with my sister and her boyfriend yesterday. Needed to get out of the apartment. Already got my brain fried at GHKL for about 8 hours with the group discussion. So basically was a zombie by the time I was back at my place. So a nice dinner was therapeutic.
Lamb stew
Wat Tan Hor
Trying out some macro shots with the Canon A540 ( my sister's boyfriend's camera )
I ordered Hainan Fried Rice which was quite bland until I added the wat tan hor sauce to it.

Anyway after dinner I studied in McD Taipan USJ till about 1230 midnight. I managed to meet up with Raymond Hee who came over to McD to collect the notes which I had photocopied for him. We chatted for awhile and had a short discussion about exam techniques.

And yes doc ... food helps :D


Chen said...

the lamb stew looks good :)

doc said...

the wat tan hor has much more gravy than hor fun. no wonder you had to order the fried rice also!

(come to think of it, i won't be surprised if the lamb stew was yours as well! ha ha!)

sbanboy said...

Yeah it looked good only ... hehe :D

Be prepared for gluttony when I come to visit you .... hehe

That lamb stew is my sis punya boyfriend punya ... I mean her fiance punya :D

day-dreamer said...

I like wat tan hor! :)