Thursday, 3 May 2007

Brain saturated

Got up early this morning to beat the jam to GHKL but I guess I was not early enough as it took one and a half hours to reach GHKL. I was going there to do some group discussion with some of my friends who will also be sitting for the exams next week.
Now I realise why I was so tired ..... it was tiring to travel and get stuck in the jam for one and a half hours. Anyway managed to get some quality group discussion and I learned things which I could never understand on my own. We devised ways to remember things ... for example 1. White muscle (fast fatigable) = Ayam ( chicken ) 2. Red muscle ( fast fatigue resistant ) = cheetah 3. Red ( slow fatigue resistant = lembu ( cow ). I must say that now I will not forget the different type of muscles in our body. :D
Intense scribbling in progress....
My reading materials .... how can I stuff so much into my tiny brain ... hmmm ... still working on it. Well the more I discussed and read .. the more I realized that there is SO MUCH THAT I DONT KNOW... duh ... oh well like goes on. :D
Finally all of us having our sour mango snacks and going through the contents of the crystalloids and colloids used in the operating theatre.

Hope my brain wont explode or blank out on the day of exams ... hehe


danial ma :: a wannabe said...

don't be like my head/brain now...need staple to mend the crack!

spinosum said...

Aiyo... u all really "freak" me out! Luckily I am not in the Master program... otherwise, I will be crying right now as well! :(

Thank God I am not into this; as I was nearly enrolled in the trainee lecturer program sometime back, but managed to finally decline the offer! *gulp*

eve said...

aiyo..I know how it is to cram..I can oni say all the best to u la..Here..jeruk mango not good for u..take this yin wor lah...hehe..

poohbearee said...

Sounds like really a lot of things to memorise. All the best.

George said...

Wei don't worry but remember to unwind occasionally otherwise smoke will be seen eminating from those ears. Good luck

sbanboy said...

danial ma
Well I can always refer you to a neurosurgeon to get your head mended ..... hehe

I am freaked myself ... hehe

Thanks ... will try out the yin wor thingy ... :D

Thanks :D

I think there is smoke coming out of my nose and every orifice already .... that's why I am gonna take a break after the exams no matter what the results ...

Thanks :D

Chen said...

all the best :)

sbanboy said...

Thanks :D