Monday, 28 May 2007

Anti Arrhythmic drugs ... how to remember

Picture taken from Wikipedia .. the link on cardiac action potential

Link the wikipedia and on the classification of the anti arrhythmic drugs

Can find out more information regarding the different phases from wikipedia

Actually Shah and me devised a way to remember all the drugs classified for the anti arrhythmic group and we had fun in the process. Now I can never forget it.

Here goes

Vaughan William Classification

4 classes

I Class
Sodium Channel blockers divided in Ia, Ib and Ic all based on the action on the duration of refractory period

Ia - prolongs the refractory period - QPD - Q - Quinidine P - Procainamide D - Disopyramide
Ib - shortens the refractory period - LMP ( erm Last Mentrual Period ) - L - Lignocaine M - Mexiletine P - Phenytoin (Remember Phenytoin is here in IIb)
Ic - no effect on the refractory period - Professor Felicia ( a very dear and dedicated professor in our university ) P = Propafenone F - Flecainide

II Class
Beta Blockers - Beta blockers love PEA soup - P - Propanolol E - Esmolol A - Atenolol

III Class
Potassium Channel Blockers - Potassium "naik BAS" ( naik = take and bas is Malay spelling for bus ) B - Bretylium A - Amiodarone S - Sotalol

IV Class
Calcium Channel Blockers - Calcium is naughty until it gets VD ( Venereal Disease ) V - Verapamil D - Diltiazem

V Class ( mention for extra marks )
Chloride Channel Blockers - I remember the drug by remembering my friend's name - Alini and the drug is Alinidine

Miscellaneous Drugs

Just need to remember 3 - Digoxin, Magnesium Sulfate and Adenosine

There you go ... sure wont forget anymore :D


yipwt said... in the world to remember those drugs?

I can only remember one...viagra

sbanboy said...

Wah .... but u dont need viagra lah with all the running u do ... hehe

Yeah loh have to come up with ways to remember all these drugs loh ... this is just part of the drugs I need to remember :D ... there are more and more and more drugs to remember...

doc said...

are you sure you won't confuse procainamide with phenytoin??

still, i applaud your gallant effort.

sbanboy said...

I made a point to remember as I always get asked in Viva and always get mixed up but now I will never forget it. I always link Lignocaine and Phenytoin together so I wont forget that it is Class Ib :D

Ray said...

lol lol lol lol.Now i remember!

sbanboy said...

Have to find ways loh ... hehe... I taught it to a few friends and they all remember it now ... hehe

Dr.M said...

just in time as I am going thru this topic.. hahaha.. The shah-wymen antiarrythmic pneumonic !!

sbanboy said...

dr m
Now go say that it is our classification on the day of exams ... hehe

Chen said...

akkakakkaka, what an excellent way to remember :P

sbanboy said...

Hehe :D