Thursday, 31 May 2007

Football anyone ?

I was blog hopping today and I stumbled upon a blog (oppss lost the link) regarding these gorgeous girls playing football. Hmmm maybe I can finally learn to like football. And these girls can really get into the game :D

Photos from Esquire

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Talks over pork soup and coffee

I managed to have dinner with a dear friend who will be transferred to Sabah soon. It was great to be able to catch up on each other's lives. The best part was that he is one of the very few people who I can just sit and talk about Jesus and what He had done in my life.

We had dinner at the Hawker Centre at Taipan USJ. We both ordered the yummy Pork Soup laden with MSG :) ... but it is just too yummy to resist. We talked and talked and then we headed over the Fatman Steamboat ... which was actually like "satay celup".

Later we continued the fellowship at Old town Kopitiam where we ordered white cold coffee and kaya toast.
Yummy cold white coffee

Kaya Toast .... :)

There are not many people who I can just sit and fellowship due to my work schedule. I have yet to find a prayer partner or a group of Christians who I can really fellowship with for support and encouragement at the place I work. Thus I do treasure the time when I can just sit down over coffee with a brother or sister in Christ and talk about Jesus.

I was just sharing about how I finally realized that I needed these few knocks in life to make me realize a lot of things about God and myself. The failures were God's way of shaping me to be more like His Son, Jesus. I realize now that if I was left in my old lifestyle when I was back in Kuala Pilah...I will be too comfortable .... I will be too complacent. I would still be running away from the things that God wanted me to face and remove from my life. What I have been through these few years ..... had shaken me to the core. Shook my foundation. Stripped me of all that I thought I was. In the process of losing myself ... I found myself in Jesus. When all foundation was stripped away ... destroyed .... when I had nothing else to fall back on but Jesus alone ... was when I found myself again. It was when I finally made peace with myself .... I learned to accept myself with my weakness and strength.

I learned to see things, people and life through His eyes. I learned not to hold on to things so tightly anymore ... I learned to let go. I learn to lay up treasures in heaven. I learned to realize who are my true friends and learned to let go of those who are not. I am very excited at what God has planned out for me. And I will never have it any other way .... the failures, heartaches, depression, loneliness, etc .... God used all of it to make me stronger and drew me closer to Him and I love Him so passionately and fiercely now. I learned to thank Him in all situations and because of Him ... I am thankful for another day, another chance to live for Him ... to love Him and to make Him known. And the talks continue .... another chapter enfolds .....

NASB: And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (NASB ©1995)


Monday, 28 May 2007

Mom's love

Just had to blog about this and also another excuse to use my 350D which had been neglected when I was preparing for my exams .....hehe.....anyway my mom make "real" chicken essence with herbs. She used 3 chicken drumsticks. She peeled away the skin and fat. Put the chicken and herbs in a pressure cooker and let it cooked. No water added. And the result "real" chicken essence which is so yummy.
Chicken essence laced with mom's love
I had ham cha for dinner which is a hakka dish of vegetable and nuts. My friend Kok Hon blogged about it in his blog.

Not been feeling too well these past few days. So I am actually taking smaller quantities and more careful with what I eat. Been having gastritis. Hope I get well before I start work on Friday.

Rainy days and Seremban Siew Paus !!!

Yippee... I only start work on Fri ... hmmm been away from work so long that I think I forgotten how to intubate a patient ...hmmm... well I wanted to go out and take pictures around Seremban and Port Dickson or maybe Ulu Bendol, Kuala Pilah....but it had been raining outside so I decided to just stay home after fixing my car ( serviced it and changed alot of parts including a new battery). So on my way back home I popped into the famous Seremban Siew Pau ... Kee Mei Siew Pau. And got myself and my parents some siew paus ( chicken and pork ) and egg tarts. Since I have been itching to use my rusty 350D ... I took some pictures in the kitchen. No editing done yet. Just resized it and put in the watermark. Need to start taking more pictures coz quite rusty already. Now time to sink my teeth into the siew pau and egg tart as I have been salivating while taking the pictures....
Egg tarts .... yummy and juicy

Siew Paus ... available in a few varieties .. pork, chicken and mushroom.

Here is their contact address ( ahem ahem I am not getting any commision here )

Seremban Kee Mei Siew Pau
No 24, Ground Floor ( Back Portion ) <--- erm dont know what this means
Jalan Dato Bandar Tunggal
70000 Seremban

Tel no : 06-6316348
HP no : 016-6170173

Open on Monday to Saturday 8 am to 630pm
Sunday 8 am to 4 pm

Closed on second Friday every month

Anti Arrhythmic drugs ... how to remember

Picture taken from Wikipedia .. the link on cardiac action potential

Link the wikipedia and on the classification of the anti arrhythmic drugs

Can find out more information regarding the different phases from wikipedia

Actually Shah and me devised a way to remember all the drugs classified for the anti arrhythmic group and we had fun in the process. Now I can never forget it.

Here goes

Vaughan William Classification

4 classes

I Class
Sodium Channel blockers divided in Ia, Ib and Ic all based on the action on the duration of refractory period

Ia - prolongs the refractory period - QPD - Q - Quinidine P - Procainamide D - Disopyramide
Ib - shortens the refractory period - LMP ( erm Last Mentrual Period ) - L - Lignocaine M - Mexiletine P - Phenytoin (Remember Phenytoin is here in IIb)
Ic - no effect on the refractory period - Professor Felicia ( a very dear and dedicated professor in our university ) P = Propafenone F - Flecainide

II Class
Beta Blockers - Beta blockers love PEA soup - P - Propanolol E - Esmolol A - Atenolol

III Class
Potassium Channel Blockers - Potassium "naik BAS" ( naik = take and bas is Malay spelling for bus ) B - Bretylium A - Amiodarone S - Sotalol

IV Class
Calcium Channel Blockers - Calcium is naughty until it gets VD ( Venereal Disease ) V - Verapamil D - Diltiazem

V Class ( mention for extra marks )
Chloride Channel Blockers - I remember the drug by remembering my friend's name - Alini and the drug is Alinidine

Miscellaneous Drugs

Just need to remember 3 - Digoxin, Magnesium Sulfate and Adenosine

There you go ... sure wont forget anymore :D

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Weekend with doc

Managed to have a great weekend with doc and his lovely family. He had a super busy week at the hospital but we were able to spend some quality time...... most important .... FOOD FOOD FOOD !!!!

We had "Ikan Bakar" on Friday night.

A popular eating spot ..... it was packed when we arrived but we were able to get a place to sit.

Fried sotong

Otak otak .... my all time favorite

Nasi lemak.

On Saturday night I had more "makan" session at doc's Cell Group's Pot bless. There were so much food.... turkey, duck stew, Seremban Siew Pau, Macoroni, Lamb Stew, Chicken curry, Sotong sambal, Steamed vegetables, Salad, Chocolate cheese cake, jello, pandan jelly, waffles and orange juice. I think I might have lost count at the number of dishes was great making new friends.

Decided to drive home back to Seremban after the pot bless as I wanted to attend church on Sunday.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Home sweet home ....

Finally going back to Seremban today. Time to service the car. Watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I have been busy these couple of days .... getting some things done like sending my old Acer laptop for service, fixing the slimming belt which surprisingly refuse to vibrate anymore (maybe too much fat...hmmm maybe the motor overheated), bought a new steam iron so that I can start to learn ironing my clothes since my sister will be married next year .... must learn to do all my household chores already, cleaned up the house, bought boxes to store stuffs, arranged my notes ( coz I need to start hitting the library again when I start work next week). Been busy downloading novels and medical stuffs which I can read on my Ipaq 6828. Been stuffing my ipaq 6828 with tons of games to kill time when I am bored or when my brain is toasted from too much studying. I amazed at this little device can do. Of course not to mention that it required the daily "soft resets" to keep it going but overall I am very satisfied with it. Next I need to save up for a GPS unit so that I will never get lost again and never have to feel embarrass when my friends ask me out and I dont need to ask questions like " Where ah? What landmark ah ? I dont know how to get there woh ? Can meet me somewhere ? Can pick me up ? etc" get the idea. Anyone got an old bluetooth GPS unit which you want to sell .. do give me a buzz :D

Tomorrow I will be meeting up with doc finally for our "fei loh ship". Ok need to get ready to drive back to Seremban ....

Monday, 21 May 2007

No dial tone for 3 days !

Not been able to update my blog because there was no dial tone for the phone for 3 days at my apartment .... been calling TM ... they said they fixed it .... they called me when I was having lunch with a bunch of friends on Sunday. Went home and there was still no dial tone. Anyway they just fixed it today and I hope that it will last coz this is the 3rd it happened.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Oh how the time flies .....

Tick tock ticking away .... hmmm..... been just lazing around these past few days. All the adrenaline rush is finally settling down. Just 2 days ago I was so focused on my exams. Suddenly now that it is all over for now ... I am trying to find things to do. I only start work next week on Monday. So I have today till Sunday to figure out what to do. Tonight I might have dinner with another blogger. Friday I might have breakfast with a friend from the previous hospital that I worked in. Saturday I am free ... was thinking of taking photos the whole day .... go to the zoo.... go shows .... anything .... and Sunday I got a "pig out" session at a Japanese Buffet near KLCC with a bunch of great friends which was initially planned as a celebration of me passing my exams among other things .... oh well we can still "pig out" .... hehe

I was thinking of going home today to get my car service and maybe later in the afternoon take a drive to Melaka and do some street shooting and maybe try to meet up with a few friends for dinner .... basically I just need to get out of here .... I need to recharge. The exams had drained me out of every ounce of energy that I had.... mentally, emotionally and physically. I want to recharge fast so that I can start hitting the library again in 2 weeks time.

People ask me how am I doing ( I have been receiving a lot of phone calls and sms from dear friends, lecturers and specialists).... coz passing one subject and failing another one does not mean that I pass the whole exam .... I still have to re-sit for the whole exam (both subjects again) if I am given another chance to sit for it. Or else I am out of the masters program. So these are the thoughts that are going through my mind. But surprisingly ... there is a peace which is guarding my heart and mind which I can't explain.... which can only come from God. I am thankful for the experiences that I have gone through which made me stronger. There were things in my life which I felt I was "stuck" in which God miraculously helped me to overcome and get myself "unstuck". He had brought special friends into my life. Experiences which I will not trade in for the world. Yes that peace comes from knowing that my life is in His hands. So I am actually quite proud of myself. I have seen how far I have come. I have seen the "tone" of this blog changing over the years. I see myself growing.

So here is to more interesting things instored for me .... :D Thank You Jesus and thank you to all who had supported me and in the process became my dear friends. :D

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

The results are out !!!!

Well the results are out !!!!! I passed Pharmac but went down in Physio. My lecturers are asking me to appeal for another attempt as I had shown a vast improvement when compared to the previous exams.

Basically I will have to sit for the exams all over again if I am given another because I cant take one subject at a time.

My good friend Shah passed !!!!! :D

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Studied at McD

Studied in McD today. I was not feeling too well so I ended up taking chicken porridge and milo for dinner. Managed to get some work done.

Just another day to go :D

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Out of stamina

Just another 2 days to go and I am running out of stamina .... mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted trying to battle negative thoughts. So many "holes" to patch and so little time. Hardly did much studying these past 2 days ... just staring at the notes ... most of the information are jumbled up.

Dear God, please give me peace of heart and mind which the world cannot give.... the peace that comes from You alone. Please help me to organise my thoughts. Please help me to recall what I have studied before. Let me not let the past cripple me ....and may all the worst senarios which I had imagined in my mind... not come true. Amen

Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Thank you for all the sms, phone calls, msn messages, yahoo messages......appreciate it. Gonna try to sleep now.... wake up early to beat the jam. And flip through some pages tomorrow morning. Even though I was not able to get much studying done today .... there is peace... I have done much more than last time. There will be no regrets.

Thanks doc for the phone call .... it was really a pleasant surprise and it lifted up my spirit. Thanks for the tips. It is great to have a role model and a big brother who I can identify with. It is amazing how God works. I am looking forward to a time of "Fei Loh Ship" after I am done with my exams.

Cheers ... good night and thanks for the prayers and support. God is good all the time no matter what happens :D


Dont know why .... I could not sleep a wink last night ..... nope I did not drink any strong coffee ( as it does not work on me ). Tried to recalled what I had studied but blank. Tried to read but blank. Did exercises ... sweat .... counted sheep .... etc .... but my eyes are WIDE OPEN and exams are TOMORROW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And looking out of the window .... what a gloomy day ..... hmmm

Well this is how I end up looking today ...... PANDA EYES .... oh well .... I will just plant myself in McD and grab some coffee from Starbucks nearby. Just one more day to go and I am walking around like a zombie with panda eyes.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

This is how I feel right now .....

This is how I feel right now.........Erm I am the innocent fish .....

Just another one day !!!!!!! I think I am burned out ...... nothing going inside my head anymore. Duh.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Soon I will be free to pursue my passion ... Photography !

Taken in Melaka Zoo last year...... soon I will be free to pursue my passion .... photography .... oppss back to books :D

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Bricks, fissures .......

I was sending this sms to a friend ..... and this was the reply ... it really took me by surprise... but it was exactly what I needed to hear ... and I am still keeping the sms

ME : Shitting bricks !!!!! So much to read

FRIEND : Bricks or not the shit has to come out!!! Might get a painful fissure but so what !! A man has got to do what a man has got to do. Just do your best man! The shit might be as hard as you think!! Haha

ME : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!! U know ... this time around ... am much much happier while preparing for the exams.Yup a man gotta do what a man gotta do! And the fissure will heal !!! Hahahaha

To tell you guys the truth ... I am amazed at how far God had brought me. My family and friends told me that I have changed.... I am defintely more at peace with myself. I know my strength and weakness. I stopped comparing myself with others. I learned to accept whatever God had instored for me ... the good and the bad, the rain and the sunshine..... because my life is in His hands. And this journey is priceless and I will not have it any other way.

Now time to get the erm shit out ..... exams will be on May 10th and 11th for theory and then May 14th and 15th for the oral exams. And I think the results will be out in a day or two.

Thanks for the sms-es, the prayers and emails.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Back in Seremban and dinner with family

I am back in Seremban this weekend. Brought most of my books back ..... it is always good to be home. It is refreshing and I treasure the time I can spend with my family. We went out for dinner at this new restaurant near Seremban Garden. It was nice and affordable.
The restaurant's trademark dish ... Asam with 3 types of meat - fish, prawn and sotong.
Erm some sambal belacan vegetable ... forgot the name

Pork Ribs ..... yummy .....

Friday, 4 May 2007

Pens ... pens.....pens.....

Bought pens to use during my exams on May 10th and 11th for the theory.

Dinner at Hainan Chef Summit USJ

Had dinner at Hainan Chef Summit USJ with my sister and her boyfriend yesterday. Needed to get out of the apartment. Already got my brain fried at GHKL for about 8 hours with the group discussion. So basically was a zombie by the time I was back at my place. So a nice dinner was therapeutic.
Lamb stew
Wat Tan Hor
Trying out some macro shots with the Canon A540 ( my sister's boyfriend's camera )
I ordered Hainan Fried Rice which was quite bland until I added the wat tan hor sauce to it.

Anyway after dinner I studied in McD Taipan USJ till about 1230 midnight. I managed to meet up with Raymond Hee who came over to McD to collect the notes which I had photocopied for him. We chatted for awhile and had a short discussion about exam techniques.

And yes doc ... food helps :D

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Brain saturated

Got up early this morning to beat the jam to GHKL but I guess I was not early enough as it took one and a half hours to reach GHKL. I was going there to do some group discussion with some of my friends who will also be sitting for the exams next week.
Now I realise why I was so tired ..... it was tiring to travel and get stuck in the jam for one and a half hours. Anyway managed to get some quality group discussion and I learned things which I could never understand on my own. We devised ways to remember things ... for example 1. White muscle (fast fatigable) = Ayam ( chicken ) 2. Red muscle ( fast fatigue resistant ) = cheetah 3. Red ( slow fatigue resistant = lembu ( cow ). I must say that now I will not forget the different type of muscles in our body. :D
Intense scribbling in progress....
My reading materials .... how can I stuff so much into my tiny brain ... hmmm ... still working on it. Well the more I discussed and read .. the more I realized that there is SO MUCH THAT I DONT KNOW... duh ... oh well like goes on. :D
Finally all of us having our sour mango snacks and going through the contents of the crystalloids and colloids used in the operating theatre.

Hope my brain wont explode or blank out on the day of exams ... hehe

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Late night snack

Now that the McD in Taipan USJ opens 24 hours daily ... I can pop in anytime for get my favorite desert ... Chocolate Sundae. Nothing like a good desert to lift up my spirits ... (hey doc ... it is not all about food :D )

Was quite down today as I was getting so little done ... in fact nothing was going in my brain and I rather be doing other things. But this book by Max Lucado - Facing Your Giants .... 2 sentences caught my attention


I feel like David facing Goliath. And as doc reminded me again " God will help you. but will you let Him?" Today I was actually allowing Goliath to taunt me ... telling me that it is impossible, that I cant do it... crippling me. But now I am learning that I dont have to listen to the taunts... that I can keep a deaf ear to all these taunts. Now I choose instead to focus on God. On His greatness. And that He is a faithful God no matter what happens and that He had brought me so far and NEVER let me down before. I still have one solid week to brush up on the core topics. Thanks for the prayers ... now back to my chocolate sundae :D

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Getting so little done .... duh

Just another week more and I am getting so little done....seem to keep getting stuck in the same page. God help me.