Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Power !!!!!

Singer : David Phelps
Lyrics :: POWER
From the album Life Is A Church

Have you ever been in a difficult circumstance for so long that it drains you of all your energy? Sometimes it can even be hard to get out of bed. When I've been there and have called on God in my need, He has always been faithful to let me plug into His supernatural power plant. Like a loving father He shows up to remind me that with Him, "All things are possible!"

No mountains ever moved one inch at my command.
No waters parted at my feet.
I’m just a witness to the wonders God can do
Through willing instruments like me.
And when my best seems insignificant and frail
He offers me
The source of strength
That cannot fail…


Power, straight from the Father
Making me stronger
And I know it’s not my own.
Power, straight from the Father
Love like no other
I’ve ever known.

There are days when circumstances spin out of control
In ways I just can’t understand.
It’s as if the best of my intentions have conspired
To reveal how powerless I am.
But there is One whose voice alone
Brings me peace
And when on high
He hears my cry
He gives to me.

This holy energy can save, redeem and heal
Like electricity, it flows through me
And I can feel…

This song is on repeat when I drive to work in the morning ........ Yes I can do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens me.

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