Saturday, 21 April 2007

On call again .... the joy of the Lord is my strength !!!

Yes I am on call again ... I think I should put up on label : "On Call". Yes I am on call again for 24 hours. I was greeted with 4 cases. One of it is a 60 year old Chinese Male who had nose cancer in 1995 completed radiotherapy and it recurred again in 2001 where he completed cheomotherapy which kinda messed up his left ear ... now he has tinitus at the left ear (some kind of ringing sensation heard at the ear ). He also started developing double vision and bouts of giddiness since Jan 2007 ( he had fallen down 6 times due to giddiness since then whenever he gets up ). MRI scan revealed a cystic lesion measuring 1 X 1 cm in the left temporal region compressing on the left superior cerebellar artery. The scan was done in Jan 2007. But only now after a series of referrals to other units, he was referred to the neurosurgical team. Moreover the symptoms had worsened. He is getting giddy more frequently. Fortunately there were no other neurological symptoms. His muscle power and sensory on upper and lower limbs are intact. He has no problem with his bowel habits or micturition (basically no problem passing urine and motion). He walks up 3 flights of stairs as he lifts in a flat with no lift assess. There was on problem though...the radiotherapy had caused his jaw to have limited movement ... therefore the mouth opening was limited.

So now the plan is : For fibre optic awake intubation with High dependency Surgical ward (HDSW) or ICU backup. So do pray together with me that the operation will be successful and that he can discharged to HDSW fully awake and alert.

God in His timing and mercy and sovereignity is slowly changing me even without me knowing it. Previously I would have been so worked up thinking there are so many cases to do and problematic cases.....besides I have my mock vivas this coming Monday. But here I am excited to do the case because we are giving the patient a chance. I know I still have lots to cover, to study ... but yet there is a peace that guards my heart and mind. His joy is my strength.

Things on my mind :
1. Tons of cases to do
2. Still lots to study and remember
3. Exams in 2 weeks time
4. Mock viva this coming Monday morning

Surprisingly I am walking with a smile on my face.....because I know that no matter what happens to me ... my life is in His hands. And because He has given me another day, all I can do it rejoice and praise Him for another chance to live life to the fullest. To love Him and worship Him ....that is my highest goal. I am learning to see myself the way God sees me. I am believing what He says about me in His Word. I am amazed that He knew just how to break and mold me and to change for me the better. Truly my God will make a way where there is no way. He will bring forth streams of overflowing water in the desert. And truly He can use our failures into lessons to glorify Him in the end.

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Jonzz said...

Hi, just zipping by. Glad to hear you've become more optimistic.