Thursday, 12 April 2007


Found this at Wikipedia .... about communication

Purposes of Communication

Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between or among individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, and behavior. As a process, communication has synonyms such as expressing feelings, conversing, speaking, corresponding, writing, listening and exchanging. It's funny how we know so much about communication, but we rarely give a second thought. We should create a whole day for communication. People communicate to satisfy needs in both their work and non-work lives. People want to be heard, to be appreciated and to be wanted. They also want to accomplish tasks and to achieve goals. Obviously, then, a major purpose of communication is to help people feel good about themselves and about their friends, groups, and organizations. For true communication, there must be a transmitting of thoughts, ideas and feelings from one mind to another. If love may be called the heart of happy family living, then communication could be called its lifeblood. whatever they want.

From this I can see that a sure way to kill any relationships is to stop communicating. Hmmmm......


eve said...

thanks..u somehow woke up a portion of my brain that has laid inactively for a long long time..Nvm me..if this does not make any sense..

poohbearee said...

incidentally, i am attending a team building course on effective communication tmr :)

sbanboy said...

thanks for reading and sharing :D

How was the course ?