Thursday, 26 April 2007

Another 2 weeks

Just another 2 weeks to go. Phew finally finished all my calls for April. I will be doing the PM shit this Fri and then I am off till the exams. Must make full use of these 2 weeks and and study smartly. Will be sticking my butt in the library during weekdays and I need to find another place to study during the weekends as the lib will be closed ... hmmm .... a 24 hour McD or A&W ?


poohbearee said...

All the best :)

Wat's wrong with studying at home?

Las montañas said...

You need to find a solitary room with no windows, no bed, nothing except a table + 1 wooden chair, and your books. ;P

Raymond Hee said...

i study at A & W near my house all the time hehe.The one near Pj state,join me la :)

sbanboy said...

Well studying at home ah .... well I spend alot of time on my bed sleeping ... then the TV ...then the internet ... then .. you get the picture

las montanas
Haha can I come use your room ?

raymond hee
Yup sure ... getting sick of staring at the book.... already emailed you. We can do some discussion. Buzz me.