Saturday, 28 April 2007

Another 12 days to go....

Another 12 days to go ....... sometimes it gets overwhelming ... and the mind plays tricks. I feel like I am facing Goliath. But if I fix my eyes on God .... I can do I will just keep going on since so much effort had been put in already.... besides what is the worst that can happen ?

Well got up late this morning as I was not able to sleep last night and there was a raging thunderstorm last night. Just great .. now my buddy "Headache" is back.

Well this morning went for the yummy boneless fish head mee hon soup at USJ 16 with sis and her boyfriend. It was nice to have breakfast together as most of the time we dont see each other in the mornings. I am already off to work by 6 am. So these one of the rare occassions where we can just sit and have a nice meal together.

Later in the evening, ( my sis and her bf had gone to KLCC to check some house decor exhibition ) .. so I am left to my own devices. Took an afternoon nap as I was still not able to study much due to my headache. I decided to take my scooter for a ride. I need to fill up petrol anyway. I have not used my scooter in ages as I had promised my mom and a few friends that I will not use it until after my exams. Coz they were worried loh .... anyway it was a good idea not to use for now as it was raining daily. So I took the scooter for a spin and decided to have noodles and sweet and sour pork for dinner ( my all time favorite and brain food )
There is one place where I go to study late at night ... A&W USJ near the 3K complex. It is open 24 hours and I really like the root beer float and they also have wifi connection ..only thing is they dont provide the electricity plugs like Starbucks. Sometimes it can get really busy especially the weekends so I guess I will be studying at home today. Another place which I am gonna try out is McD is now open for 24 hours in Taipan USJ. I might give it a try tonight....see how much I get done today at home. So if you guys happen to be around any of these 2 places ... do drop in and see if I am stuffing myself with food or dozing off when I should be studying.

I just received 2 sms from 2 good friends at the place where I am working at ... it goes like this " DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF WHEN WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON YOU !!!!!" Yeah I do have a tendency to give up at the last minute when it gets too overwhelming. But this time I will keep going on as I had put in so much effort already.

Root beer .. my favorite drink :D

Pictures taken with my Treo 650. Hmmm make a mental note to get a better camera phone or a compact camera for blogging and more after exams :D


doc said...

hey bro,

you're giving me the false impression that that FOOD (glorious physical food) is that which keeps you going.

i'm sure i'm wrong.

day-dreamer said...

Kou lou yok is brain food???

I like A&W's root beer too! Not to mention it's Connie Dog. :)

sbanboy said...

Erm you will know when we finally meet up for makan in May !!!! Hehe

Oh yeah kou lou yok is BRAIN FOOD !!!
I like the connie dog and the onion rings :D