Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Update - survived my 24 hour call

I just got home .... only slept at 6 am and had to get up at about 750 am for the department meeting where I was asleep half the time. Managed to stay awake during the drive home which took about 40 minutes..... gonna take a hot bath and hit the sack till evening and hit the gym and books.....

The last case was a 11 year old boy who ran into a glass sliding door sustaining multiple laceration wounds all over his body - forehead, shoulder, hands and feet. The cut at his shoulder just missed his neck blood vessels .... a very fortunate boy indeed.

Unfortunately the 56 year old Chinese who underwent the lobectomy did not make it. He passed away in ICU this morning leaving behind his wife and his daughter. We did whatever was humanly possible for him....but in the end it is humbling to realize that there are things which are beyond our control and that our lives are ultimately in God's hands. Makes me realize that life is short and that I should treasure it while I still have breath.


Anonymous said...

yup. Life is both precious and short. Just like the dew on the leave.

It's a higher call to be doctor, for God works through you to save lives. Even as you are rushing in and out to help people, remember that you also need to take good care of yourself.

still using the mint?


Las montañas said...

yup, maintain the fitness and stamina at the gym, and your concentration on the books should increase :)

may said...

must be tough on the times a patient goes out on you. glad that the young boy had lady luck on his side and survived his wounds.

take care, and rest well.

sbanboy said...

Yup m still using the mint ..... been forcing myself NOT to pop in any panadol .... hehe

las montanas
sometimes just too zonked out to go to the gym but I am force myself to go coz I always feel much better afterwards

thanks may

Las montañas said...

yep, alot of times I am so sleepy I yawn non-stop while doing benchpress, and even I don't control myself, I could even fall asleep on the benchpress bench!! :)

These days, I make sure my gym visit is worth it by taking some VitB complex, energy boost substances like taurine to ease the pain and enjoy the workout more.

sbanboy said...

las montanas
Wah .... will try it out after my exams .... cheers :D