Thursday, 22 March 2007

So far .......

Just a short update on what is happening in my life ...... well my parents are going to China for a week tomorrow with 37 tourist. I wish I can tag along but just need to get through this exam thingy first. Gave them a call today as I had not been home for nearly a month ..... it was great to speak to them again.... to wish them a safe and wonderful trip. They deserve the best that life can offer.

I have been staying back in the library to study nowadays...... I am keeping my mind focused on the task at hand and forgetting about everything .... as a friend told me ... must learn the "out of sight, out of mind" trick .... which is surprisingly easy now that I had fixed my mind on what I wanted to do without giving anymore excuses. I feel good and I am more positive this time ..... I know that I am giving my best no matter what the outcome. To finally pick myself up again and be able to walk with my head held high. I remember who I am .... who I was before I started the masters program and how I have allowed it to be clouded with each failure .... but right now the fog is clearing .... I see myself clearly again. I know who I am and what I want.

There are some who has judged me and categorized me into their mold of what they think I am and some think that I am confused or in denial of who I am ... based on what I write and share in my blog. Well all I can say is that ..... I can't stop anyone from thinking what they want about me as long as I know who I am. And I don't think you can really know me just by reading my blog ..... contact me if you want to know me better ..... I am always open to make a new friend.

Ok enough for now ... need to get back to the books ...... erm is the heart a pump ? What is automaticity? What are the action potentials of the heart ? until later .... over and out


danial ma :: a wannabe said...

yeah! think and see things beyong the horizon...GAMBATE!

Chen said...

Glad to know u r doing well :)
All the best, bro :)