Saturday, 31 March 2007

McDonald mania

So many people waiting to buy food
2 pies for RM 3 ... yummy
Today the offers ends .... a free burger when you buy a large value meal
Erm .... I rearranged the burgers ..... bought a quarter pounder large value meal and received a free filet o fish ... :D

Well there is one bro, Kok Hon, whom God had brought into my life. There is one thing which we are in the same wavelength and it is FOOD !!!!!! When it comes to food .... man .... we literally "Fei Low Ship (fellowship)". Well we have both repented and started joining a gym.....but today was special ..... we just could not resist the temptation .... one free burger with every purchase of a large value meal..... man how can we say "NO" to that. So I picked him up from work and we drove all the way to McD. Ate our hearts out and literally clogged up our arteries. Well we repented again and vowed never to do it again .... erm until the next free burger offer comes .... :D


L B said...

Hahaha!! Fei Loh Ship! Pretty good, eh?

poohbearee said...

2 burgers with fries and coke. Gasp. That's like almost 3000 calories!!! :P

Las montañas said...

I also had a burger from Carl's Jr after gym. (and therefore lost all the goodness of that session)

Very tasty grilled meat patty!

I'm allergic to Macdonald's burgers btw. They make me wana puke.

sbanboy said...

Yup now you know why I am not losing weight

Was it so much calories !!!!!!!!! Oh gosh

las montanas
Haha .... bring me when I come to Singapore ... hehe

day-dreamer said...

Hmm... are they doing that because the government banned fast food ad?


Long time since I had McD. Let me know of the next free burger offer. :D

wahdi said...

haiyooo!!! *Pensan*
go to the gym regularly! hehehe

sbanboy said...

6day dreamer
Hehe .... ok will buzz u if there is a free burger offer ...

Pengsan ah ? Dont wolly ... I call ambulance and do CPR for u ... hehe... I am an expert...