Thursday, 29 March 2007


I think I get more studying done when I am working than when I am on leave ..... too many distractions at the home ..the bed or the sofa or the tv or the fridge or Playstation2 or Macbook or internet or or or I find a sudden urge to clean up my room ......... Time to park myself in the library or anywhere to get away from my room .... :D


may said...

that's very true! the sofa beckons all the time, and the snacks... the TV... the bed... zzzz...

Las montañas said...

The bed is the main culprit for me! once on it, thats it!! you lie down for 10 secs. Thats it! zzz liao

Yup, after your exams, if you come to singapore, let me know!

sbanboy said...

Oh yeah the sofa or the bed or the tv or the internet or my macbook or the PS2 or the fridge ..... die die ... must run run

las montanas
Yeah loh

Yup I am definitely coming to Singapore ... need a break.

Anonymous said...

that's easy to tackle.

Well, you should rest and relax when you are leave too. Plan your day ahead, allow a specific time for nap, for PS2, for TV and Internet, then set aside few hours for studies.

So at the end of the day you did rest, relax and study, and you enjoyed your leave.



sbanboy said...

You are right .... at least I have rested, relax and studied instead of feeling guilty of not studying enough ... thanks mate !!!!!

Now which game should I play on PS2 ... :D ... yippie

eve said...

aiyo kesian lu...but then anaest gets the most off days compared to other dept..correct ar?..