Saturday, 31 March 2007

Dad's birthday...

The main reason I came back this weekend was to celebrate Dad's birthday.. which will be on 3rd of April. We took him for a nice dinner...
Fried pork in sweet and sour sauce
Prawns with "petai"
Sambal belacan kang kong
Yee mee ... for long life
Erm .... fish bladder ???? I am also dont know what this dish is but it is yummy
All of us with dad and the birthday cake we bought for him

Happy Birthday Dad !!!! Have a great year ahead. May all your heart's desires come true. These pictures are actually put up for my brother and his wife who are in Bangkok right for their long overdue honey moon. I want a nephew/niece ... hehe.... miss you both.


may said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

mann sui mann sui mann mann sui...

kyh said...

wah nice food!

happy belated birthday to ur dad!!!

poohbearee said...

Your photography skills are cool! Nice pics.

Las montañas said...

oh my goodness! the petai dish looks much more appetising than the one on jimbo's blog!

aiyoh.. so hard not to stay slim these days.

eve said...'s only 11.30am..and i m hungry liao..
Happy bday Uncle...

sbanboy said...

Thanks may

Thanks kyh .. I enjoyed the food also

Thanks alot ... was taken with my sister's bf camera ... canon A540

las montanas
Yeah loh ... how to be slim leh with so much good food around ... haha...when we meet up some day ... we are gonna pig out....hehe

Hmmm come to think of it ... I am hungry too ... hehe


Will convey all the wishes to my dad

day-dreamer said...

Happy Birthday to your daddy! Wish him 福如东海,寿比南山。

Great food! Birthdays must always come with good food. Hahahaha~!