Saturday, 31 March 2007

Boy can he cook up a storm ....

I just could not help it ... I had to put up these pictures .... well the dishes are ALL home cooked ..... and they are ALL cooked by my sister's boy friend. Wah "chup tow boh" ( found a treasure ) , he will make sure my sister is well fed when they get married .... oppsss ..... let the cat out of the bag .... well you did not hear it from me ..... well I am just glad that I am able to "tumpang" makan ... hehe and yup he can really cook up a storm. Sometimes he cooks a 5 course meal until we cant finish the food. Now you know why I am NOT able to lose weight. It is all my sister's boyfriend's fault .... hehe

1 comment:

day-dreamer said...

WAH!!!! *drools*

Your (future) bro-in-law is indeed geng! Yap dak chu fong, chut dak teng tong man!!