Sunday, 25 March 2007

Bak Kut Teh ... yummy

Picture taken with my Treo 650

My all time favorite is bak kut teh and my sister's BF packed lunch for us all the way from Klang .... how sweet of him ( Sis ... go marry him now !!!! ) Klang is famous for the bak kut teh and even Wikipedia-bak kut teh mentions that Klang if the Home of Bak Kut Tehs !!!! Wow way to go ...

I love to eat it with youtiao (fried bread stick) as mentioned in Wikipedia-youtiao ... I was trying to figure how to spell it ... Yaw Char Gwai ( literally means oil fried devil )or something like that. I also love to dip the youtiao in a hot hot cup of black coffee .... yummy and heavenly. Care to join me for bak kut teh one day ?


L B said...

Gimme a shout!!!! I am almost ready! Gotta put on shoes..

may said...

been so long since I've had BKT, I could almost taste it in my mouth. wait for me!!

Chen said...

remember our last BKT date?

I like BKT too..
can't find nice BKT in Penang :(

eve said...

err..not my fave cos everytime after a meal of BKT , i get palpitations and drowsiness..i didn't know one can get 'high' on BKT..

Las montañas said...

eve: those are signs of acute MSG attack. :)

BKT, good to eat but those ribs are so high in fats...!!

sbanboy said...

Wah can my shout reach Italy ah ?

Come join us ? you want me to mail the bak kut teh mixture to u ?

Hehe ..... remember ..... hehe

Next time u in KL ... we go hantam BKT loh

Wow must be the overloaded MSG

las montanas
Once in a while ok lah ... it too frequent ...sure my arteries get clogged up.... hehe

Alicia said...

r u gonna go wid jinjang jelly?

sbanboy said...

When we do go ... we will ask you to come along and hantam the bak kut teh ... hehe