Saturday, 17 February 2007

Reunion Dinner

I always look forward to Reunion dinner..... it is a time when all the members of the family get together for dinner together. As usual mom always cooks up a storm ... she is already 65 years old but she is like a dynamo ... non stop boundless energy and there is no stopping her. Every year my sister will get a hamper from her "godfather" and the hamper contains abalone, huge mushrooms, canned seafood...etc

The menu for this year ..... here goes .... more yummy food ... hmmmm I dont even know some of the names of the dishes.
Salad with oliver dressing
BBQ pork ribs ... my mom's own recipe
Roast pork .... yummy
The main dish of the day ... the soup with abalone, mushrooms and sea cucumber .... erm the 4 of us managed to finish the whole pot of soup .... erm .... mental note ... must go to the gym and burn off all the extra calories

Here is the pictures with all the dishes .... no place like home ...... no dinner like the reunion dinner .... cheers

We miss you bro .... looking forward to the time you will be back with Aoy to join us for the reunion dinner ... it was great to be able to chat with you for awhile over the phone.. thanks for calling back ..... take care.


L B said...

Aiseh!! Who wants Seremban Siew Paus when there's such a spread like yours?!!!

may said...

OMG, siew yoke!! that's what I'm missing. haven't had any for awhile now, and it's too late, I'm flying off already! haha...

dobbs said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family! Glad to see you are having a good rest and enjoying your Mum's cooking - looks yummy btw!

day-dreamer said...

Kung Hey Fatt Choy!!

Mouth-watering reunion dinner...

Las montañas said...

wow!!! eat and be merry!

agus said...

alamak!!! so sedap! Happy New Year! Always good to be home, the family, the food!

danial ma :: a wannabe said...

wow! mom's cooking always the best! always yummy!

sbanboy said...

I still wanted Sban Siew Paus ... haha but the shop was closed

Yeah siew yoke .... !!!!! Yummy

Make sure u indulge in some when u come back .. :D

I rested my brain alot ... but physcially ...erm ... well had late nights catching up on all the tv serials I missed :D

Happy Chinese New Year !!!!

las montanas
Yup we had a great dinner and a great time together

It is always great to be home :D

Yup mom's cooking is the BEST

val said...

aww mannn, i've never had such a spread during CNY before... look what i'm missing! you've got it made man! enjoy! =)