Tuesday, 27 February 2007

My life so far ......

I have been in this new hospital for about 2 months now. I must say that I am not so tired physically nowadays. The workload is less. There is more time to study. The interest for anaesthesia has grown again. I just hope that I am not too late to pass the exams in May. At least this time I have started studying much earlier. Just need to keep up the momentum and hope for the best. Whatever happens ... at least I know that I have done my best.


L B said...

That's a very positive sign! Keep it up, my man!! Yeah!!

danial ma :: a wannabe said...

Keep the pace...hope the new place gives you the advantage to your study and life too! All the best bro!

fakar said...

U should my friend. Remember, study smart and hard.

may said...

and I wish you all the best too. keep it up, don't lose steam!

Las montañas said...

must be the gym exercises! induced new energy levels in u!

Anonymous said...

what date is the primary exam in may?

sbanboy said...

Yup need to keep up the momentum

thanks man

There is so much to study ... I am doing what is humanly possible ... the rest I leave in God's hands

thanks man... I hope I wont lose steam too

las montanas
Erm must be gym ... but I stopped for 2 weeks during the CNY ... need to start again

The exams start on May 10th