Monday, 5 February 2007

Inside Out - Deb Hogan

Inside Out
Deb Hogan
200 WB Music Corp./April McClean Music

Fool that I am, thinkin no one understands. The tears I've cried, the
Pain I choose to hide, no one sees, lookin' at me. All except for One,
Tenderly looking on with those eyes of love.

CHORUS: It's from the inside out, it's from the outside in, He's lookin'
Through my eyes, lookin' through my sin. He who knew me from the
Start sees my heart. From the inside, inside out.

Fools that we are, covering each and every scar. The broken dreams,
The bitter fights and schemes, no one knows, with doors discreetly
Closed. All except for One, tenderly looking on with those eyes of

From the inside, the inside out.

This song has been playing on repeat when I drive to work in the mornings. I spend most of my quiet time with God while I am driving my car or riding my scooter. Many thoughts have been going through my mind these past few weeks. There were laughter and tears which colored my life. A soul mate found but right now I dont even know where we stand. A new place and new faces.... unfamiliar grounds again. Exams just around the corner. Finances rock bottom. Health still a long way to go. Still single. Still lonely. Will I let all these things get me down ? A long time ago .. I will allow these thoughts to really get me down. To wallow in self pity and despair. After the wake up call ... ( I think God just know what to do to get my attention and to get through to me ... sometimes He has to shout and sometimes He can whisper ... erm for me I think most of the time He has to shout or do something drastic to get my attention so that I will finally surrender to Him as I can be quite hard headed sometimes .. fortunately no matter what my heart remains pliable and soft and tender before Him.) ... yup after the wake up call .... I have changed and the people around me has noticed the change. One friend mentioned that I have a passion for life now.... more compassion.

But He alone see the scars, the hurts, the tears, the pain, the broken dreams, the loneliness, the rejections, the misunderstandings ... and I have learned to hide it quite well from others....coz sometimes when I tried to share what I am going through or how I feel with others..... nay let's not talk about that .... He alone sees right through me. I am naked before Him. He sees through the masks the I put on. Yes from the inside out .... He is changing me. Everlasting life ... contagious joy ..... the peace the world cannot give or understands ..... unconditional love .... hope when there is hopeless .......... yes He is changing me.


danial ma :: a wannabe said...

life dictate by fate. life too dictate by desire. be passion to life and you will be loved!

L B said...

Yo!! yeah!!