Thursday, 4 January 2007

When a doctor becomes the patient

There comes a time when the doctor will become the patient. It happened to me last Wednesday, when my boss referred me to a physician for my high blood pressure and high cholesterol .... Well I finally can see what the patients have to endure just to be seen by a doctor. They need to start lining up before 8 am to get a number and then wait some more until your number is called and then wait some more when there are blood investigations to be taken or ECGs ( electrocardiogram ) or Chest Xrays to be done or ..... the list goes on .... no wonder one can go to the hospital early in the morning and only come back late in the afternoon. The hospital that I work in is super super busy and there was no time for courtesy. Even with my hospital identity card as a doctor I was ordered by the clerk curtly to take a number and wait for my turn. I was fortunate that I could run to my own department to get my ECG done so that I did not have to wait in line with the others. It became slightly better after they realised that I am a doctor and a staff of the hospital. But I can identify with the others who had to wait for the turn to be seen. I was seen by a consultant therefore my number was called quite early.

It was a switch in the role of me being a patient ... interogated by the consultant. But I am glad that my blood pressure was within acceptable range and did not need to be started on any anti hypertensives yet. But my cholesterol was high enough to be started on medication. I am currently on a diet and exercise plan for 2 months to see how much the cholesterol levels can be lowered. Since I have been having headache for a long long long long time .... ( u know ... I just keep popping in panadol so that I can keep working and working and more work ) the physician diagnosed me as having migraine and therefore I will be going for a scan of my brain tomorrow to rule out any other causes of the migraine. Keeping my fingers crossed ...


nyonyapenang said...

Hope everything turns out well for you. Take care.
p.s. too much panadol will cause raised liver enzymes, no?

cynthia said...

eh..u look after urself, can?

i wundah so get use dispensing frugs for myself..whats the difference?


L B said...

It's good, once in awhile to look at the microscope from the other end, to see how the other half endures..

Hope all is well with you, ya? Keep fit, exercise more, eat properly, drink lotsa water, and ... do I sound like a doctor too? LOLOL!!

sbanboy said...

Hey thanks for dropping by ... I feel much better and I will watch on the panadol popping thingy

I am trying my best to look after myself :D

thanks lb ... hehe ... been working out at the gym and I feel much better

Chen said...

leads a healthy lifestyle ;)
eat well & sleep well :)

day-dreamer said...

Erm... you must take good care ya... (who am I to tell a doctor this? :D)

And I heard that taking cholesterol pills aren't good?