Saturday, 6 January 2007

When the doctor becomes the patient ( part 2 )

I arrived early at about 730 am for my CT scan appointment last Friday. I had to wait for the doctor who only arrived at 820 am. And it is a good thing that the radiographer told the doctor that I was a doctor waiting for her ....... anyway my scan was done at the neurology scan room which is away from the main building.

When the doctor arrived, I was lead into the CT scan room. It was a cool place. I laid on the metal cold bed which was able to slide in and out of the cylinderical device which will scan my brain. They placed a blanket over me and strapped me up so that I will not move during the any slightest move, they will have to repeat the scan all over again. I had to do 2 scans ... one was a plain scan and the other one was with a contrast medium.

After the first scan, the doctor attempted to set an intravenous line in order to inject the contrast medium which will show off any space occupying lesions in my erm ... brain. The injected contrast medium gave a warm sensation over the arm as it travelled along the course of the vein up to the brain. And they scanned me one more time.

It was an experience which I wont want to got through again if I have the choice. So far the scans looked ok but it will need to reported by the specialist for the final report. Still keeping my fingers crossed.


Chen said...

yeah, keep fingers crossed.
But since u have a look at it liao & it seems okie, then likely should be okie liao :)

sbanboy said...

I think it should be ok ... still no news yet