Sunday, 14 January 2007

Pizza And Satay Taipan USJ

Today I had dinner with a dear friend who took me out to Pizza and Satay in Taipan USJ. I had not been to this place before. I like the ambience.

My friend fiddling with his Sony Ericcson ... he wanted to show some pictures of orchids which he took at his uncles.
Beef salad ... yummy
Milo float ... very yummy but a bit too sweet
Chicken satay ...

Beef pepperoni pizza

It was an enjoyable evening with a dear friend. He was telling me about his scuba diving experiences as I am planning to take up scuba diving someday when I am more financially stable. (something which I had always wanted to do)

Well I guess I will have to hit the gym again tomorrow after the heavy dinner. Now my diet is salad with olive oil dressing with some spices, sandwiches, nuts, cereals, bananas..etc ... cutting down on chocolates and junk food.


L B said...

Looks like a cool place with good food eh? Shld try real Italian Pizza though!

sbanboy said...


Yeah loh waiting for you to make me real italian Pizza ... hehe....

One day I will definitely fly to Italy....

Las montañas said...

real italian food is 'mama mia!' heavenly.

extra virgin olive oil, pasta tossed with sun dried tomatoes... peppers. Roast veal with herbs.. italian coffee... tiramisu..