Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Pasta, lasagna topped with great company

Remember I was working on New Year's Eve .... but I am glad for dear friends who took the trouble to spend time with me on New Year ( I was home alone as sister has gone back home to be parents and I was just too tired to drive home and it was due time to clean up my room, clean the floor, the toilet .... etc etc ) .... this couple have been a real blessing to me. And without fail ... on my birthday, they will come take me for a meal. As usual we had our dinner at Pizza Uno, our all time favorite eating place.
Great company.......it is amazing how God brought us together. These guys are a match made in heaven .... cant wait to be their wedding photographer if they will let me .... hehe

Erm cant remember the name of this dish but it has spinach and chicken .. super yummy

This is my new favorite dish in Pizza Uno ( thanks to amazonman ) .... I know this one ... AGLIO OLIO ... yup olive oil with basil and chilli flakes made to taste mixed with spagetti.... surprisingly refreshing and very very very very tasty .... erm did I say very tasty ... I am learning to make this dish.

The remnants of what was left of the mussel in the marinara spiralli dish .... my friend really "sapu" all

Finally a refreshing ice lemon tea ....

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Las montañas said...

oh my! all those pasta made me hungry! esp if done with top quality olive oil and fresh herbs. control control control