Sunday, 14 January 2007

My favorite cardio workout - Cross Trainer

My favorite cardio workout is using the elliptical cross trainer .... I can use the cross trainer for one hour straight.....

The elliptical trainer offers a low impact workout .... a great exercise where there is virtually no stress on the knee joints

This is the reason why I can go on for an hour working out on the cross trainer is due to the few Astro channels which I can watch. Sometimes I keep going on while trying to finish a movie or a music video or a program......

You can actually choose a few programs for the cross trainer. There is a weight loss program where it will calculate the optimum heart rate for you according to age and body weight.

I usually wear a wireless heart rate monitor while I am working out to make sure that I am working in the optimum heart rate.
A place for the water bottle

Benefits of elliptical cross trainers :

* Low impact motion
* Total-body exercise
* Low perceived exertion (i.e., exercise feels easier than the body is actually working)
* High caloric expenditure
* Movement variety (forward, reverse, upper- or lower-body only)
* Weight-bearing activity
* Quiet operation
* Minimal maintenance

I will start joining the Les Miles classes next week onwards starting with Body Step, Pilates and Body Balance. After 2 weeks of working out at True Fitness, I realise that I can go up the stairs to my apartment or in the hospital without the palpitations or breathless. I have also signed up for a personal trainer for 3 months to myself accustomed to the routines. Here is a new me in 3 months. In the meantime ..... I am gonna continue to watch Astro while working out on the cross trainer....

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Las montañas said...

wow, good to hear you are doing it OK at the gym. We call it the 'strider' here.

so when are you going to work on the muscles?