Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Lunch with Haz and a new friend Crewcut

Today I had lunch (after doing some studying at shah's place) with Hazman and a new friend Crewcut. We had some sandwiches and spagetti..... it was yummy as most of us were famished.

After lunch we went outside the place where Hazman worked to take some pictures .... so here we were 4 guys with our huge cameras snapping pictures are one another..... we were getting stares from the people around us but it was fun.
Haz with his Sony A100
Crewcut snapping away with his new prime lens 30 mm F1.4 ... a great lens ...
The models of the day
Hmm is this picture sharp enough ? hehe

Thanks guy for a great time .... and to a new friend Crewcut ... thanks for tip in how to take sharper pictures ... I will remember to focus on the eyes and exhale before I press the shutter all the way.. hope to learn from you next time ... cheers ...


L B said...

I'd lose a lotta weight if I was lugging all them heavy duty pieces around, aitelyu!!!

matmotor71 said...

As always, it's great having you as company. Thanks for making that second trip to the gym last night to run with me and to the mamak place also.

matmotor71 said...

Oh that's me TT LOL. I used some old google email ID.

Las montañas said...

certainly a torture lugging all those equipment! I'd prefer my barbell in the gym anytime! :P

sbanboy said...

no wonder I am losing weight ... hehe

Haha ... I was wondering who in the world is matmotor71 ... haha ... likewise buddy ... it is great to spend time with you.

las montanas
Haha .... can train up using the camera loh .... hehe