Thursday, 25 January 2007

I lost 2 kgs !!!!

Just got back from the gym ..... I weight myself and I lost like 2 kgs !!!!! in 3 weeks ... hehe ... if I keep this up .... I hope I wont be " hangat hangat tahi ayam" ( hope the motivation will not be short lived ). Well it always feel great after a workout ...... ok guys .. good night


L B said...

Wait for the seremban siew paus..

dobbs said...

Well done! Keep up the good work :)

Chen said...

well done :D
dont curi makan after the workout, okie?
else the effort will be wasted liao :)

Las montañas said...

congrats! and keep it up. may we see Mr. Universe one day. (Not kidding ok)

it is usual to lose between 1-3 kgs after a workout.. it could just be water loss. :P

may said...

huarrr, congratulations! I just cancelled my gym membership though, since I'll be heading offshore. gotta settle for running 'round the neighbourhood now... *sigh*

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hi wm,
juz got back fr hospital & saw ur msg... not been really into the bloggin' world lately but trying to ease back. Good to see you're doing well... i still owe you a homecooked meal eh?

keep in touch!


sbanboy said...

waiting for u to come to Seremban and hantam siew paus ... hehe

thanks for dropping by .... hope I can keep it up :D

hehe ... cutting down on supper liow :D

las montanas
Erm I weighed myself before I went to the gym ... hehe... hopefully it is not just water lost ... hehe

Ayo I dont want to be Mr Universe ... just wanna be toned and be able to buy a new wardrobe. .... hehe

Hey I thought fitness first have branches overseas .....

Thanks for dropping by ... need to catch up sometime ... when u gonna cook for me ... hehe

may said...

there are, but it's cheaper if I join the Fitness First gym in Sydney itself than keep the one here. plus there are limits to how many times I can use the overseas one in a month, must get their passport thingy as well, so mahfan. if all else fails, I'll just go jogging on the beach, whoppee!

sbanboy said...

Wah so many limitations one ah ... yeah better to join over there :D

Bernard said...

Uahh.. inspires me again! Can I be your weight control buddy ah? I also need to watch my weight. Haha.

sbanboy said...

Hey thanks for dropping .... sure u can be my weight control buddy ... hehe but u so far away woh ... how ah ?