Monday, 22 January 2007

He will take care of me

Matthew 6:25-34
Don't worry about the food you will eat or drink, or clothes you wear. Consider the birds and the flowers. God takes care of them and will take care of you

When I took this picture ...... I wanted to focus on that one flower which will stand out from the rest .... eventhough all nearly look similar but God knows each and every fower. Sometimes I wonder if He knows me .... since there are so many of us in this world but when I took this picture and look at it when I got home ... I hear this still small voice telling ... " Son I notice you even when you feel insignificant. I know each and every flower. I take care of the birds and the flowers. How much more will I take of you because you are made in My image. It is ok if people dont appreciate you or make you feel so insignificant or when love given is rejected .... I will take care of you. I will. When you allow Me to fill you up and satisfy you with My unconditional love ... you cannot help but love others in My name unconditionally."

I was reminded again ....... of His love and His care and how He alone can complete me and make me whole. And that no one can ever fill me up like He does. Amen.

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