Monday, 1 January 2007

2007 here I come .....

Wow 2007 is finally here ... well what was I doing the few minutes before it hit midnight for 2007 ... well I was scrubbed up and giving spinal anaesthesia for a patient for emergency caesarian section. I think I had missed the countdown since I started work as a doctor. I was either intubating patients, stuck in the cold clammy lonely operating theatre, running around getting life saving blood for a patient, setting internal jugular indwelling intravenous catheter where we can infuse drugs to help a patient's heart pump stronger to prolong his life, to tide him over the crisis .... as far as I can remember I always running around doing something for some patient who was someone's father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, lover, best friend,etc .... this selfless giving sometimes can have its toil on you. I think it hit me hard yesterday.

My sister was back home celebrating my parents wedding anniversary of more than 35 years .. while I was working. There were friends out celebrating the countdown. There was a watchnight service back in my home church. Suddenly I felt so alone. It was so lonely. Next year I decided that I will make sure that I am NOT working on New Year's Eve ... I want to spend it with loved ones ... the people who matters to me. I thank God for the few friends who called and sent me sms reminding me that I am thought of and remembered.

Well I survived my last call in this hospital because in Jan I will be starting a new episode in another hospital..... new faces, new challenges .... and hopefully more free time to concentrate on my studies because it will be my last attempt and I want to make it work, no "ifs".

And here is to a new "ME" ... will be getting my butt over to the gym to get the fitness instructors to work out a workout plan for me as I plan to go 3 times a week initially and slowly pick up the intensity.

Ok guys have a great year ahead...... I am excited about what is instored for 2007 for me..... cheers to the year of the PIG !!!! Oppss by the way I was born in the year of the Pig .... hehe

PS .... Just got a call from the gym asking me when they can set me up with the orientation program with the personal trainers .... haha ... no running away now ..... haha..... True Fitness here I come


L B said...

Oh yes, 2007 is finally here. Sounds like some science fiction movie, 2007.. A Space Odyssey.. Enjoy your Fitness program! And a Happy New Year!

Amazonman said...

Here's to the year of the huffing and puffing pig! Have a good time at the gym, bro!

danialma said...

happy NEW you!
happy NEW hospital!
happy NEW resolutions!
happy NEW life!
happy NEW things in life in store for 2007!

carcar said...

happy PIG year to u sbanpiggie! :P hehehe....and happy anniversary to your parents!

dobbs said...

Blessed New Year and all the best as you start work in a new place. We were born in the year of the pig too! ;)

sbanboy said...

Now my whole body is aching ...erm but I will go again today ... hehe

had a great time at the gym ... erm more like a steamed pig when I was done ... hehe

Yup here is a new ME

Thanks alot .... this year 2007 I will make sure I am there with my parents for their anniversary

Wow ..... both of us in the year of the pig .... COOL!!!!
Have a great year !!!!

cynthiafoo said...

Hi! Saving people lives is more important than anything else!!! The count down, the celebration...they are all too commercialised. YOu are doing the rigt thing.. :)
I wish you all the best in 2007!! Have an awesomely kickass year ahead!!Good luck!

Chen said...

happy 2007 :)
Hope u can adapt yourself well to the new working environment :)
all the best & God Bless, bro :)

Las montañas said...

wow! that is your year! *oink8*

who knows, you may come out well cut and look like mr universe after all those gym!

but need to persevere of course. remember, exercise releases feel good hormones. I need a daily dose to survive the office.

Las montañas said...

high blood pressure.. can be managed with a good exercise routine. Had slightly high last time, but now ok due to I believe very regular gym exercise (aerobic+anaerobic).

LOW salt and LOW fat diet too! :)