Tuesday, 30 January 2007

My personal trainer

This is the guy who is my personal trainer at True Fitness is gonna help me to lost at least 5 kgs or more in 3 months. He is my personal trainer for 12 sessions ... after that I want to be able to do the exercises on my own. Right now just needed a push to get started on developing this gym going thingy as a habit.

Taken today after I have been pushed to the max doing shoulder and my lower limb exercises ...
you can see that I hardly have enough energy to put up a smile ... :D
Well girls ... he is single and available. You know where to find him ... he is currently one of the personal trainer in True Fitness, Taipan USJ and he can turn you in a goddess and treat you like one. When you go there, ask for Ballack.

Me after doing squats using the fitness ball..... collapsed on the floor and refused to move another inch ... but he refuse to let me ... I had to do another 3 sets of 15 reps for my calves and also abductor exercises for my lower limb before he was done with me.
Well if you need a personal trainer in True Fitness .. he is the guy for the job. Cheeky and committed to the job. It is never a boring moment with him. He especially likes to hear ghost stories ... as I was forced to tell him ghost stories which happened in the hospitals which I had worked in.

Picture taken last week when I was doing exercises for the back..... proof that I have been going ... hehe

Sushi King dinner with sis

My sister had a pay raise and it was time to celebrate....so we decided to have dinner at Sushi King.....it had been ages since we had sushi. So we drove all the way to Sushi King.

WASABI !!!!!!!!!
The conveyor belt with the sushi

Green tea served hot or cold
Yummy octopus sushi
Well these were the number of plates of us "hantam" ( whack ). It was a great to hang out with my sister. And the conclusion was that both of us like Genki Sushi better .... maybe we will go there next time.

Lunch with Haz and a new friend Crewcut

Today I had lunch (after doing some studying at shah's place) with Hazman and a new friend Crewcut. We had some sandwiches and spagetti..... it was yummy as most of us were famished.

After lunch we went outside the place where Hazman worked to take some pictures .... so here we were 4 guys with our huge cameras snapping pictures are one another..... we were getting stares from the people around us but it was fun.
Haz with his Sony A100
Crewcut snapping away with his new prime lens 30 mm F1.4 ... a great lens ...
The models of the day
Hmm is this picture sharp enough ? hehe

Thanks guy for a great time .... and to a new friend Crewcut ... thanks for tip in how to take sharper pictures ... I will remember to focus on the eyes and exhale before I press the shutter all the way.. hope to learn from you next time ... cheers ...

Thursday, 25 January 2007

I lost 2 kgs !!!!

Just got back from the gym ..... I weight myself and I lost like 2 kgs !!!!! in 3 weeks ... hehe ... if I keep this up .... I hope I wont be " hangat hangat tahi ayam" ( hope the motivation will not be short lived ). Well it always feel great after a workout ...... ok guys .. good night

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Stress and Cholesterol

Editorial Reviews
From Library Journal

Since this book first appeared in 1987, scientists have learned much more about cholesterol and its components, associated risk factors, supplements such as B vitamins and niacin, exercise, diet, and stress reduction, and longtime medical journalist Kowalski covers the evolving scientific information in depth. However, he also espouses an initially low-carb, low-calorie diet to induce ketosis and burn fat stores. That's fine for the short term in healthy individuals. But as with any significant change in diet, this one should not be undertaken without a physician's review since it may alter blood sugar levels in diabetics (and many folks have diabetes without realizing it) or require a change in medication levels. For larger collections.

Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Book Description
The groundbreaking cholesterol-lowering program . . . now even more effective!

Robert Kowalski's personal story is legendary. By the age of forty-one, he had suffered a heart attack and had undergone two coronary bypass surgeries. A traditional dietary approach to lowering his cholesterol failed dismally, and faced with the unpleasant alternative of a lifetime on medication, he created a program that proved astonishingly effective for him -- and legions of others worldwide who used it.

Today Kowalski has beaten heart disease, lives an unlimited and vigorous lifestyle, and uses no prescription drugs. Now, with new information about risk factors, exercise, and supplements, The New 8-Week Cholesterol Cure is even more powerful in fighting heart disease. It includes:

  • The facts about homocysteine and the deadly cholesterol Lp(a)
  • A diet that jump-starts cholesterol reduction
  • The heart-healthy secrets of niacin, other B vitamins, and safe supplements
  • The latest findings on exercise
  • New cholesterol-testing methods
  • New heart-healthy products ... and more!

Arm yourself against heart disease-America's number-one killer-and increase your chances for a long, healthy life with The New 8-Week Cholesterol Cure.

Information was taken from the Amazon website here....

After my wake up call I started reading more about what is happening to me. I came across this book " The new 8 weeks cure cholesterol cure by Robert Kowalski".... there were many books out there on lowering your cholesterol but I wanted one book where it was a true story and this guy went through his first heart attack at the age of 35 and then a second at the age of 41. My cholesterol levels were high also requiring medical treatment with statins but I wanted to try out diet and exercise for about 2 months. After I did a google search and reading this book, only did I realise that stress can cause a increase in cholesterol production by the liver. I usually thought it was mostly contributed by our diet. ( it contributes about 10-20%, the rest are produced by the liver) Cholesterol is needed by our body which is used to produce steroid hormones. But too much of cholesterol can actually plug up blood vessels in your body, and if the blood vessels to the heart are clogged up....bingo...you get a heart attack.

Little did I know that I had allowed stress to creep in ...... one of the main stress was my masters program which had given me sleepless nights. Another thing was when I failed my exams each time, I would feel down for a couple of weeks. As I read the book..... it was not just stress that caused the increase in cholesterol production, but despair, negativity, feeling down, sadness, loneliness, rejection ... to sum it up ... any negative feelings can play havoc in our system......and I realised that I had allowed myself to experience alot of negative feelings over the years.

The wake up call... really shook me to the core. It made me evaluate my priorities and what was important to me. I did not want to have a heart attack at a young age. It made me realise that life is short. I did not have to be a specialist to be happy... there are alot of things which I had given up to be where I am ... I missed my brother's Phd graduation in UK etc ( good thing I did not miss his wedding ) ..... it made me realise that spending time with loved ones were important, to never take it for granted because life is short. To love and to be loved.....to never stop telling people that they are appreciated. To be happy. To learn to be nice to myself and NOT to be too hard on myself when I do screw up. To love myself. It made me evaluate my priorities in life and my attitude towards life. These are just a few of what had changed in me. I refuse to kill myself over my exams anymore. I am gonna be happy. I wanna live long and live life to the fullest. I enrolled myself in a gym .... feel great. Started studying again .... at my own pace and to do what I can without killing myself over it.

Some of my friends had noticed the change in me ... they say I am more passionate about the things I do .. about life... more compassionate.... and much happier ( not so depressing to hang out with me like before ... haha ) and much more forgiving on myself.....It takes a 3 rd party to realise all these things.

I have googled a lot more articles about stress and cholesterol levels.....

1. BBC Article - Stress may up cholesterol levels.

2. American Psychological Association - mental stress in raising cholesterol levels

3. Medpage - Stress and cholesterol

Live strong, live well, love like there is no tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Dinner with parents

Had to go back to Seremban today because dad had an accident and I had to sign the papers to claim the insurance coz my Kenari was involved. Dad is ok ... thank God. He forgot to pull the handbrake at home and the car rolled backwards pinning him against the gate causing the gate to fall over. He was using his legs to stop the car while he was lying on the ground on top of the gate ... but miraculously by God's grace ... he managed to roll out of harm's way ... and the car rolled over to the neighbour's pillars opposite the road ... phew thank God nothing much was damaged. The Kenari rear window was smashed with some dents over the back. And slight damage to the neighbour's pillar. Thank God there were no cars on the road at the moment. Most important, dad got away with some slight bruises and a few scratches .... mom thought we had lost dad because she saw the whole event which took place.

Thank God ..... I pray for their safety each day.

It was great to be able to have dinner with parents. Sometimes I get lost in my own world of work and studies. It is good to slow down and spend time with loved ones. Because you never know when it is too late.

That is why I will not hesitate to tell the people who are dear to me that I love them ... better to say it than to never say it at all. And after that it is up to them how to accept it. But for me.... I have no regrets. It is better to give love and to have loved than to never loved at all.

Floating Market Bangkok Part 2

More pictures from the Floating Market Bangkok.

You wont get hungry at the Floating Market as there are so many sampan selling food

The friendly faces of Bangkok
Managed to see some photographers taking pictures of the buzzing activity

The friendly faces of Bangkok

These completes my set of photos on Floating Market, Bangkok ... thanks for viewing.

Monday, 22 January 2007

Floating Market Bangkok Part 1

These pictures are long overdue .... so sorry about it ... been adapting to a new hospital ... my recent wake up call .... and not to mention procrastination .... well here goes ....

I went with a veteran photographer .. Dr Chen ( the male Dr Chen and not the female Dr Chen in Penang ... hehe ) ... to the Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak. We started the journey at about 630 am in the morning by taxi and the drive took about 2 hours ( including the time wasted when the driver got lost and did not know how to get there and we had to make many stops to find out how to get there and I think out of his anxiety to bring us to the right place, he kept making stops to go the toilet ) ... more information about the place here.

I took the shots with my Canon EOS 350D with the Tamron lens 28-75 mm F2.8. and with my flash 430EX. It was a great learning experience for me and it was a challenge as the boat was always in motion and I had to use a high shutter speed. It was Dr Chen who taught me which settings to use. It was my first attempt to shoot while on a moving boat. These are the few pictures which I felt captured what I wanted to show you guys. The people there were really friendly and everytime I pointed my camera towards them, they were always ready to put on a smile and the universal "Peace" sign.

Here are the first set of the pictures.

Lazing around ...
The market is always buzzing with activities

Some of the people who paddles the "sampan" are quite elderly but they are so fit .... I dont think I will be able to paddle on on my own
More friendly faces

Erm sorry dont know the name for this fruit but I call it "jambu" .... anyway we stopped by at the "jambu" factory to take some pictures and they also gave us some to taste and it was really juicy and yummy

Handicraft sold at the Floating Market .... erm but this one was one of the buildings at the Floating Market...

Ok next set coming up

He will take care of me

Matthew 6:25-34
Don't worry about the food you will eat or drink, or clothes you wear. Consider the birds and the flowers. God takes care of them and will take care of you

When I took this picture ...... I wanted to focus on that one flower which will stand out from the rest .... eventhough all nearly look similar but God knows each and every fower. Sometimes I wonder if He knows me .... since there are so many of us in this world but when I took this picture and look at it when I got home ... I hear this still small voice telling ... " Son I notice you even when you feel insignificant. I know each and every flower. I take care of the birds and the flowers. How much more will I take of you because you are made in My image. It is ok if people dont appreciate you or make you feel so insignificant or when love given is rejected .... I will take care of you. I will. When you allow Me to fill you up and satisfy you with My unconditional love ... you cannot help but love others in My name unconditionally."

I was reminded again ....... of His love and His care and how He alone can complete me and make me whole. And that no one can ever fill me up like He does. Amen.

Friday, 19 January 2007

Serenity Prayer

"God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other."

Monday, 15 January 2007

I am actually studying !!!!

First of all I want to thank amazonman and robin for nagging at me to do some form of exercises since they first got to know me. Amazonman used to sms me daily asking me if I had done my exercises on the stationary bike ( which is collecting dust now since I joined True Fitness ). I gave lots of excuses ... I am too tired lah ... no time lah ... blah blah blah..... they had been trying to tell me that exercise will actually make me feel better, take away the fatigue, help me in my memory power ( healthy body = healthy mind ) and most of all will help me destress in a healthy way....not forgetting that it will help me tone up so that I dont have buy XL sizes anymore .. ahem ahem ... the last time there was the Megasale ... I had a hard time buying clothings for myself and it was embrassing to ask for the larger sizes.....well I hope that in 3 months time I can reward myself with some new clothes.... hehe

The best part is ..... I am actually gonna take my bath now and do some studying which I had not done in ages. And I actually do feel much much better since I started exercising. I feel more positive. More energetic ( though my whole body after the work out sessions with the personal trainer ). More alive. And also a great place for me to hang out whenever I am stressed out or bored ... in a healthy way. Here is a new me in 3 months ....

Thanks amazonman and robin ..... I should have done it earlier ... but better late than never.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Pizza And Satay Taipan USJ

Today I had dinner with a dear friend who took me out to Pizza and Satay in Taipan USJ. I had not been to this place before. I like the ambience.

My friend fiddling with his Sony Ericcson ... he wanted to show some pictures of orchids which he took at his uncles.
Beef salad ... yummy
Milo float ... very yummy but a bit too sweet
Chicken satay ...

Beef pepperoni pizza

It was an enjoyable evening with a dear friend. He was telling me about his scuba diving experiences as I am planning to take up scuba diving someday when I am more financially stable. (something which I had always wanted to do)

Well I guess I will have to hit the gym again tomorrow after the heavy dinner. Now my diet is salad with olive oil dressing with some spices, sandwiches, nuts, cereals, bananas..etc ... cutting down on chocolates and junk food.