Thursday, 27 December 2007

Every Man - by Casting Crowns

Every Man - by Casting Crowns

I'm the man with all I've ever wanted
All the toys and playing games
I am the one who pours your coffee, corner booth each Saturday
I am your daughter's favorite teacher
I am the leader of the band
I sit behind you in the bleachers
I am every man

I'm the coach of every winning team and still a loser in my mind
I am the soldier in the airport facing giants one more time
I am the woman shamed and haunted by the cry of unborn life
I'm every broken man, nervous child, lonely wife

Is there hope for every man
A solid place where we can stand
In this dry and weary land
Is there hope for every man
Is there love that never dies
Is there peace in troubled times
Someone help me understand
Is there hope for every man

Seems there's just so many roads to travel, it's hard to tell where they will lead
My life is scarred and my dreams unraveled
Now I'm scared to take the leap
If I could find someone to follow who knows my pain and feels the weight
The uncertainty of my tomorrow, the guilt and pain of yesterday

There is hope for every man
A solid place where we can stand
In this dry and weary land
There is hope for every man
There is Love that never dies
There is peace in troubled times
Will we help them understand?
Jesus is hope for every man

These few lines really speaks to me right now :

Seems there's just so many roads to travel, it's hard to tell where they will lead
My life is scarred and my dreams unraveled
Now I'm scared to take the leap
If I could find someone to follow who knows my pain and feels the weight
The uncertainty of my tomorrow, the guilt and pain of yesterday

There is hope for every man
A solid place where we can stand
In this dry and weary land
There is hope for every man
There is Love that never dies
There is peace in troubled times
Will we help them understand?
Jesus is hope for every man

After I failed my exams ... I was trying to figure out what to do with my life ... sit for exams again (private exams in Singapore or Australia ) .... change my field .... sit for MBA or go for Nutrition or alternative medicine or ....... the choices are endless .... I wanted to find someone who understands me and knows my strength and weakness .... and guess what ... most of them are busy with their lives .... and God by His grace arranged it in a such a way to make me realized that the only Person I need to consult is HIM. There was no one to turn to but Him. He alone knows my strengths and weaknesses.... He alone holds my future in His hands.

Once again .... I say to myself : " Be still and know that He is God " I am learning to quiet down myself .... to shut off all the voices within from myself and outside, the world .... so that I can finally hear His still small voice again. I am waiting on Him. I surrender myself again at His feet. May His will alone be done. Amen

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Dinner with TZ today

It was nice of TZ to drive over to Seremban to have dinner together.  I decided to bring to some of my favorite eating places.  I wanted to bring him for sotong mee hoon but the shop was closed so I decided to bring him to the place where I had been having my wantan mee and mee fun koh since I was Form 3.  And I was glad that the shop was open or else my last resort was to bring him to an Indian restaurant. 

Wantan in laksa soup :)
Mee Fun Koh
Chicken Satay
A satisfied stuffed TZ :)

It was great to catch up on what had been happening in our lives .....  :)

Lunch with Joshua

Meet up with Joshua for lunch last Friday. And it finally nice to meet up with him.  
I had rice with chickens and eggs for lunch while Joshua had some mee soup.  We were sharing about our faith in God and I thank God for giving me another brother in Christ.  It was like a common ground for both of us.
The photographer in action

He will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot.
Some of my shots.  It had been ages since I used my Canon 350D and it was nice to be start taking pictures again with a fellow photographer.

Our bags with our precious camera equipment.
The beautiful friendly faces of the girls of Malaysia :)

I had a great time with Joshua.  I thank God for bringing new friends into my life.   People come and go ... and I treasure those who stayed... and I am learning to let go of those who never meant to be.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Some random shots of the Christmas Play

I took some random shots of the Christmas Play practice in my church last night.  Thanks to Kok Hon I was able to be involved in the play.  It was great to be able to serve and take part in the church program.  There were new actors this year and I must say that all of them had showed a high level of commitment and they were very good in their roles.

Every year we host the Christmas Service at Alson Kelana Seremban starting at 930 am on Thursday 25th December 2007  and ALL are welcome to attend.
The lead character
Mahjong scene

School scene

The lead singer

It is a great feeling to be home .... to be involved .... to be busy with the things of God .... to give my mind about what I wanna do with my life a rest.   


If you happen to be in Seremban just give me a buzz and we can meet up for a chat or two and some nice Seremban Satay or Fish Noodle Head or Beef Noodles or Hakka Mee or .......  :)

Friday, 21 December 2007

Toast for dinner

I ran out of ideas what to eat for dinner ... and besides I had a nice lunch and snacks with Joshua today... will post up the photos later ... coz I am gonna hit the sack soon as I am on call tomorrow.

Decided to just have toast and milo for dinner.
They even recommend that we toast the Raisin Oatmeal Gardenia bread ..... and I must say that they are really yummy.
Ok good night guys ....... Hopefully it will not be so busy tomorrow.  And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL !!!! 

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Vote for JAC !!!

Please vote for Jac for Asian Idol !!!!!

Here is how u do it

Send the SMS Votes to :

India : 52525
Indonesia : 9288
Malaysia : 33776
Philippines : 2959
Singapore : 43657
Vietnam : 4365

Official Votewords

India : INDIA
Indonesia : INDO
Malaysia : MAL
Philippines : PHIL
Singapore : SIN
Vietnam : VIET

SMS Costs

India : 3 Rupees
Indonesia : 2000 Rupiah
Malaysia : 0.50 Ringgit
Philippines : 2.50 Peso for GLOBE and SMART 2 Peso for SUN Cellular
Singapore : $0.60
Vietnam : 3000 Dong

Every vote must include 2 countries

Eg :

Type MAL(space)INDO

I am voting for Jac (Malaysia) and Mike ( Indonesia ) ..... I hope I wont go broke voting for Jac  :)

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Time for myself

It had been hectic since I started work in GHKL .... I always collapsed after I get back from work and the jam..... and this weekend I decided not to go back to Seremban.  I wanted to stay home, clean up the apartment, wash and iron my clothes and to just rest.   Watch TV and listen to music and catch up on my reading .... bought a lot of novels etc.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Busy at work - Spine Workshop

Being back in GHKL ... means longer working hours ..... but at least the stress of having to sit for exams are over for now until I am crazy enough to sit for foreign exams ...but for now I just wanna recover .... and reflect on life and what I should do in the future.

I was in charge of the operating theatre for the spine workshop last Wednesday.  The patient was a 15 year old with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.  The operation was called posterior instrumentation as the surgeons had to insert implants to help straighten the spine.
Lots of instruments for the operation
Operation in progress
Me keeping a watchful on the girl's vital signs.
There was a live telecast for the operation as the room was too small for all the participants ... there was a live telecast where the participants sat in a room to watch the operation and they could ask the surgeon any questions.

The xrays showing the spine.

The operation took about 5 hours and the girl was stable throughout the operation.  

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Dinner at Souled Out

After a tiring day at work  ..... managed to get a friend to go out for dinner yesterday .... most of the times I will just grab a quick bite somewhere on my own or just make some 5 minute at home.  My friend suggested Souled Out at Sri Hartamas .... and since I have my trusty GPS with me, I decided to give it a try.

My friend ordered guiness stout

I ordered Hot Chocolate
One of the specialities .... salmon pizza .... surprisingly yummy.
Butter chicken with garlic nan.  

I am glad that at least with my GPS I am able to meet up with friends without getting lost.   

Monday, 10 December 2007

2 weddings and a play

This morning I had to drive back to Seremban to attend 2 weddings - lunch and dinner. The migraine attack is now bearable as I had to miss one of my friend's wedding last Friday.  The migraine attack was really bad last friday ..... felt like someone was using a hammer on the left side of my head ... all I could do was just lie down ... pop in panadol .... and rest .... and pray that it will go away.  I also had no appetite ... just had juice and biscuits for dinner.

At least I did not get asked any questions about when I was getting married during this lunch wedding.  As usual it started late... and ended late.  I immediately took a short nap so that I wont worsen the migraine.  

I just found out that the 2nd wedding was at the SAME restaurant ...... and it also started late and the menu was the same as the menu during lunch.  I did not stay long for the 2nd wedding as I had to be in church by 9 am for the Christmas play practice.
This year I will be taking part in the Christmas play .... thank to Kok Hon who found a role for me .... I play a doctor ....hehe...
The practice was done at the church and soon it will be Christmas.  I was very impressed with the story line and the people who took part really took their roles seriously.
The girl who will be singing a song in Malay .... she has a beautiful voice.

It is always encouraging to see children taking part in the play and this year .... we have quite a number of kids involved.

So for anyone staying in Seremban during Christmas .... do drop by Alson Kelana Hotel on 25th Dec at 930 am and join us for Christmas Celebration and come and enjoy the play.  We can go for lunch later :)

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Migraine Triggers

Hmmm I thought after my exams that I will have less migraine attacks but I was wrong... been having migraines for the last 5 days and it kinda cripples me ... I am glad that I was not working this week.  Slept, took panadol, etc but it is still there... that constant nagging pain.  Blood pressure is quite ok ... still under treatment.

Did some "googling" and came up with this list.

Will try to rule it out one by one and be more sensitive to what triggers my migraine attacks

Potential Migraine Triggers

Food & food additives
Alcohol (especially red wine), caffeinated beverages, nuts, nitrite/nitrate-preserved foods (hot dogs, pepperoni), smoked or pickled foods.

Strong or glaring light. Flickering lights from TV or computer screen, strobe or laser lights, or reflections.

Intense, specific food odors, cigarette or other smoke, perfumes, cleaning products.

Migraine attacks often occur after stress - especially on weekends and holidays. Many people mistake these as tension headaches.

Weather Changes
High humidity, atmospheric pressure changes, rapid temperature fluctuations, and exposure to extreme heat or cold may bring on migraine attacks. Many people mistake these for "sinus headaches."

Changes in sleeping habits
Too little, or more often, too much sleep can trigger migraines.

Any change in eating habits, missed meals, change in schedule or dieting.

Loud noises/sounds
Sudden or prolonged loud noises.

Reaction to motion sickness.

Having more (and sometimes even having less) caffeine than you are used to can trigger migraines.

Hormonal Fluctuations
The frequency of women's migraines is sometimes said to be related to hormonal fluctuation, particularly with regard to estrogen. In many women, migraines begin just prior to, or during, their monthly menstrual period, or during treatment with hormone therapy such as birth control pills or estrogen replacement.

I hope I will recover soon .... or maybe I did not know that I had abused and neglected my health so much that it is finally take time to recover.  I had been resting and trying not to think too much.  Anyway I will start work in GHKL again next week and I will start my call again on Thursday.  It will be busy and tiring again in GHKL.  I am still praying about what I should do ...... I am keeping my options open and a few friends had approached me with job offers which looked promising.  Maybe it is time to do something for myself.  Save up for my wedding and traveling funds.    At least during this period .... it showed me who were my true friends .... some remained distant and silent, while some were supportive and gave me ideas and suggestions and there were some with job offers.   

Top on my list is my health....... the juices had helped ..... kinda like a detoxifying effect during the first few days.... will keep it up.  Finally I am taking fruits ... I used to be so lazy to take fruits coz I had to peel them etc ... now I just drop them into a juicer ... and voila .... yummy nutritious healing juices :)

Friday, 7 December 2007

PC FAIR ... Here I come !!!!!!!!!!

Since I started working .... I had always missed all the PC Fairs !!!! Well I am not missing it today since I am not working..... Now cracking my head how to get there... I dont want to drive ... so I guess I will end up taking the commuter train and I had downloaded the maps to figure it out.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I bought myself a juicer

I finally bought myself a juicer.... to make fruit and vege juices.  I have been reading about the benefits of having a juice fast regularly to detoxify and for overall health benefits.   I bought the Moulinex Juicer which is on offer at Parkson.   

The first juice I made was mixed orange and apple juice with no sugar added and it was yummy ..... I plan to try out more juice recipes.

I managed to get this list of juice recipes from the lady whom I bought the juicer from .... do check it out ... you can just download the image and print it out ... I plan to try them out.  Do share more recipes if you have any.