Saturday, 30 December 2006

True Fitness here I come

Well guys .... my sister finally dragged me out of the house to check out some gyms so that I can finally make my dream of having a greek god body into reality. First we went to Fitness First which was situated in Summit but guess what we just could not find the entrance to the Fitness Fitness ... besides I did not like the idea of having to find a parking in Summit and then walking all over the place looking for the entrance.

Next we headed over to True Fitness and one of my close friends who is a member at True Fitness agreed to meet us there to show around and also hopefully can get a better deal. The guy who spoke to us about True Fitness was not pushy and he was really friendly. We went to see the facilities in True Fitness and True Yoga as my sister was interested in joining the yoga sessions only. Overall I felt comfortable at the atmosphere in TF ... there were not loud music blasting from 1st floor onwards. I liked the facilities offered. I like the fact that I could go for all the classes which are offered such as Pilates, BodyJam,etc... maybe I can finally put on my dancing shoes. Parking is not a problem for me as I will be using my bike and it is like 10 mins away from my place. I like the fact that they are open daily from 6 am till 12 midnight which I can use to my advantage due to my odd working hours.

Well finally we sat down and talked about the package. A second guy came to show us the plans and this guy is more pushy than the first but in the end thanks to my friend who is a member we managed to work out a plan which worked for me. I decided to join for 2 years which worked out to about RM 92 per month.

So True Fitness .... here I come !!!!!!


danialma said...

may you have true exercise which lead to healthy body...congratulations for the move!

danialma said...

happy sweating!

day-dreamer said...

Hope you have fun at the gym!

sbanboy said...


Thanks .. finally got off my fat butt and enrolled myself in True Fitness ... hehe

To a new Me in 2007


Happy New Year 2007 ... yup I plan to fully utilise the gym ....

Anonymous said...

I found yr posts on gym n motivation 'a little hilarious' hahahahahaha..

Hi, I am Bengbeng. Today I spent some time at yr blog reading stuff. It was a long journey web surfing until finally I ended up here.

I have favorited your site so I can find it again. Merry Christmas to u and yours.