Friday, 8 December 2006

Sunlight ...... light always prevails

Took this picture while I was walking around taking pictures at a park. It reminds me that light always prevails. No matter how dark or bleak the situation is, the light of God always prevails, dispels and penetrates ... infusing us with inner strength and peace and with hope in a hopeless situation.

So easy to lose sight of Him and end up focusing on ourselves and the situation or the problems and forget that He is the Almighty God, the God Who makes a way where there is no way, the God who creates streams in the desert, the God of the impossible. I realise that I have made Him too small in my eyes sometimes. Sometimes I try to put God in a box so that I can understand Him and His way with my human mind which is so finite. But many times .... let me rephrase that ... ALL the time He had managed to blow me off my feet with His ways ..... with His intervention. Truly His ways and understanding is way too high for me to ever comprehend and if He were to explain it to me, I dont think I will understand. Therefore let God be God.

And yes Lord, Your love will always prevail. Even in the midst of loneliness, self hatred, low self esteem, lack of self confidence.... you name it and He will blow you away..... God's love is the ONLY thing which can set us free. He alone can make us complete and set us free.


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So glad to see you get your focus right.