Sunday, 12 November 2006

When do I stop?

When do I stop ? When do I call it quits ? When all the passion and motivation have gone ? When I have lost the focus and the direction in the things I used to enjoy doing ? When do I say that this is not for me ? When will I wake up to the fact that I am going against an invisible wall ? Is there shame in admitting that this is not for me ? Or is it courage to finally face the truth and move on to something else ............


Chen said...

Bro, the ultimate decision lies in your hand. You know what is the best option :)

L B said...

It's not a shame to cut your losses and quit while you honestly think you still can. It also takes, like you said, courage to move on, to the unknown.

danialma said...

whatever it takes to make you happy...from berne, switzerland.

Las montañas said...

But think..

and pray fervently.

for once you've made a major decision, there is NO turning back!

and there shall be no regrets after that.

just me said...

May you be led by HIm..thro His Word, His peace or circumstances..

-satori- said...

Whatever will be, will be
I'm no angel, I'm no Ghandi
Not even wise as they can be

Whatever will be, will be
I'm opening my being to thee
May blessing be upon me
To rejoice and be free
From this pain and misery
I'm seeking peace and serenity
That's all I wanna be.