Thursday, 30 November 2006

A visit to the dentist ... warning not for the faint hearted

Today I went to the dentist ..... with trembling I went to visit the dentist fearing the worst scenario as I had not gone to see a dentist in like years .... lost count already .... scared that I will get bombarded by the dentist concerning the condition of my teeth.

The dentist chair .... this gives me the creeps .... like getting sentenced to ...... u finish the sentence.

An innocent victim waiting to be examined and interogated by the dentist

Free drinking water ???? Hmmmmm

Tools for torture

More tools for torture

Erm ..... aiyak too bad cant run away .... been pinned down to the chair ..... tools of torture in the hands of an expert

The dentist's trophies of erm ..... guess what they are .....

Well I am pleased to inform you guys that I have survived the ordeal and remained intact ..... hehe and now I can show my pearly whites proudly ...


L B said...

Dentists are evil! But necessary... *sigh*

danialma said...

Tried to avoid the dentist before, but now enjoying seeing the dentist...hehehheee...because my dentist make me smile!

yanz said...

waitasec... doc afraid of dentist, how can?????? *giggles*

eeeww... whats tht in de last pic..?

just me said...

dentists are afraid of docs...that completes the circle

day-dreamer said...

I don't enjoy visiting the dentist too... hehehehe!!

But congrats for surviving the "ordeal". :D

Happy weekend ahead!

Las montañas said...

You know.. I just love going to the dentist!

The zzzzeeeerrrscreeeeccch sound of the polishing machine. The scrapping here and there.

Once I had to have my wisdom tooth extracted (lower). The lady dentist tugged and yanked, yanked and tugged. The deep rooted tooth refused to come out. I could feel the shaking at the roots of my mawl, oops I mean jaw. Then she had to leave and look for her male colleague to finish the job!

so when are you going to show us your pearly whites? you go there for whitening? haha

sbanboy said...

Definitely necessary ... good thing the dentist din scold me for not having my regular checkup ... :D

Wah make u smile ...... good good

Managed to guess what was in the last pic ? Hehehe

Next time must ask the dentist if they are afraid of doctors ... hehe

Phew ... yup I survived :D

las montanas
I think mine are pearly yellows .... hehe.... he polished it but .... still yellow ...

carcar said...

LOL! how u get the dentist to pose for you?