Thursday, 30 November 2006

Crossroads part 2

Tomorrow I will be flying to Bangkok .... it had been a busy and tiring one week. Preparing for my brother's wedding which was over on Nov 25th. It took all of us a few days to recover. Some of us (my sister,her best friend and boyfriend) have to work on Mondays. I am fortunate that I am able to take leave until my Bangkok trip.

I needed this break ..... even in the midst of running around preparing for my bro's wedding and recovering from the exhaustion ... one thing remained at the back of my mind..... what should my next move be for the next few months..... and how do I go about doing it so that I can accomplish what I have on my mind. A dear friend reminded me again that it is NOT what I want to do, but what does God want to do in my life. What is His will? What does He say about the situation that I am in ? Have I placed myself in a position to hear His voice? Have I stopped looking at my own abilities, strengths and weaknesses to see the situation through God's eyes ? I hope the find the answer these next few days....because I want to make the next few months count and I want to go in the will of God. I dont want to keep going against an invisible wall and go through the same cycle again. Whatever happens, I thank God for this chance to be moulded and strengthen through what He has allowed in my life inspite of my weaknesses. I will keep going on ... this journey called life and stop to smell the roses that He had planted along the way to remind me of His grace and goodness.

When I look back at what I had gone through these few years since I started my masters program .... there are not regrets ... only praises and "thank you" offered unto God Who has in His mercy and grace enabled me to face the things that had held me back all these years .... He is not done with me yet. I pray that I will be able to walk in step with Him so that I will not miss out what He has instored for me.

I thank Him for my family which remain as my constant support and cheer leader :D and also for the people who had read my blog and have become my dear friends who had supported me and cheered me along ..... yup unexpected friends ... who came at the right time to help me along in this journey. You know who you are .... and you hold a special place in my heart. All praises and glory go to God Who is a giver of good things .... thank You Jesus...

So guys please pray along with me so that I can know what is on His heart for me and that I will go in obedience in His strength and not in my own limited strength ... thanks :D


Joycelyn said...

God will make a way for u.
Have a safe journey and enjoy your holidays.
God bless you!

danialma said...

bon voyage and enjoy your trip to bangkok.

HE will lead and show you the way!