Thursday, 19 October 2006

More after November 2006 or it is the end ?

Hi guys .... sorry for the infrequent updates at my blog .... to tell you the truth .... dont know what to blog about nowadays as there are alot of things on my mind. The exams in November ... then my brother's wedding end of November..... then flying to Bangkok for the wedding (female side) ..... etc

Maybe after November will update more about what's happening in my life .... or maybe I will stop this blog ..... will think about it later end of November when I have more time on my hands ...

So thanks for dropping by ... take care and God bless

Signing off for now


L B said...

Hey, you take care too, and thanks for dropping by at mine from time to time.. Enjoyed your presence.

danialma said...

Just passing by...a journey called life...

-satori- said...

I suggest you blog about what's going on your mind that you donno what to blog about. So when you blog what you dont know, the unknown become known - thus it proves knowing.

Knowing is a characteristic of God. So are you! (But he/she NOT you!)

sbanboy said...

Thanks for always dropping by ... you are one of my regular readers .... hehe.... I will still visit ur blog

thanks for walking along this journey with me as a friend and brother

Thanks for making me realise why I started blogging at the first place .... it was a blog about my walk with God ... of trying to find answers .... trying to understand .... the unknown I guess ... my deepest longings, fears and joys.... so I guess I will continue to blog about God and me .... coz my journey is going on....thanks buddy