Friday, 31 March 2006

Dinner with Agus

This evening, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Agus . I just found out that he lives in KL ... duh ... haha ..anyway we managed to meet up for dinner in USJ. We first had some noodles and then decided to try out this place - FATMAN STEAMBOAT in Taipan USJ.

It is actually raw stuffs like "kerang"(cockles), meat balls, vegetables, fish cakes, etc and we dip it into hot boiling soup until it is cooked. Then we can have it with chilli sauce, spicy peanut sauce or sweet sauce. Yummy..... :)

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I had to take this pictures as the shop owner wanted me to snap pictures of his ice creations .... hehe ... a very sporting guy but he did not want his pictures taken.
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Agus ......
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More Agus ... :)
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Jellyfish, hhmmm where is the real jellyfish who retired ... hehe ... miss him
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Had a great evening ... and met a new friend ... :) Now I have to starve for a week before I go out for makan ..... :) Ok over and out ... good night ... gonna hit the books one more time before I crash ....

Great to hear me laugh again

I had just received a call from a good friend. He called just to find out how I was doing in life ..... one of the few guys who I can sit around and talk crap ... have a good laugh. I did not realised this until he mentioned that it was great to hear me laugh again.... maybe over the months ... I had stopped laughing so much ...... but I am glad that I found myself again .... to laugh again ... to live again ... thank God for a dear friend like him

Spagetti for lunch

I did not want to have maggi mee or milo and biscuits for lunch so I decided to make myself some spagetti with Prego pasta sauce and I added in button mushrooms and minced meat ... I used to do this when I was studying in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. I will make alot of pasta sauce and keep in the fridge and heat it up when I am ready to eat. You can keep the sauce up to a week.

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You can use minced meat .... or u can add in vegetables ... actually you can add in anything you want
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Button mushrooms .... my favorite...
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The bachelor way ...put everything into a big pot..... hmmm maybe I added too much water. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer until the sauce is "pekat" thick ...up to your preference. Dont forget to add in some mixed spices, oregano and pepper according to your taste
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Boil the pasta. One of my Canadian friends taught me that if you put a few drops of olive oil (or whatever oil) will make the pasta smoother and it wont stick together...
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Voila, the finished product ... yummy ..... it will be delicious if you sprinkle some parmesan cheese ... I did not use any cheese ... :) Very very easy to prepare and I like the fact that I can put everything in the pot and just wait for it to be ready and it does not take up alot of time :)


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Laksa and massage

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I had dinner with a friend at Tesco Puchong yesterday ... finally came out of my apartment for some fresh air ... :)
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This was the place we went to-Noraini's
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My friend had Laksa Thailand - with santan - yummy
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I had Asam Laksa and it was really nice - one of the best I had so far

And I ended the evening with my first full body massage by a blind masseur .... my first ever. I had tried foot massage before when I was in Kuala Trengganu and man was it painful. Well after dinner my friend brought me to this place just opposite Tesco near the food hawkers area. I did not take any pictures. Erm ... I had to stripe to my underwear and when I was on the bed .... my buttock was exposed .... it was scary and I felt vulnerable ...but I was covered with a towel and it was relaxing. I did not know that I was so tensed all over and he had a hard time removing the knots in my body. Well got up this morning.......whole body is aching but it felt good...........will try it again :)

Thursday, 30 March 2006

Finding myself again

It was great to be home...back in Seremban(was back in Seremban last weekend)...but now finally back to madrush KL .... duh .... well life must go on. I am really glad that I went to be among family and friends.

I thank God for my family and friends back in Seremban .... whose unconditional support refreshed me. I managed to meet up and spend some quality time with old friends. I also attended the prayer meeting at church and the Sunday service. It was awesome ... something which I lack over here in KL.

I realized that I had lost myself along the way when I started my masters program. I really like what I do ... I mean I liked anaesthesia alot - the skills acquired. I guess I was not mentally prepared. Different place, different people, different styles .... but I am learning to adapt though I still miss my first place of work ... the place where I decided to take up anaesthesia in the first place .... I thank God for the opportunity to learn so many new things and it is so challenging. I realised that I was holding onto the past ... my past experiences, my past colleagues, my past bosses, etc ... yes I was still living and holding onto the past ....... It was also a lonely journey ..... and thus my mind started playing tricks on me .... negative thoughts ... thoughts of a happier time .... and I stopped living in the "NOW". Thus my studies suffered ..... because I could not concentrate, I was tired 90% of the time, lost the drive, and felt so inadequate and the viscious cycle continues ..... and I started to keep my distance from people .... because I always feel so guilty hanging out when I should be studying ... and the cycle continues ....... deeper and deeper I sank.

I had to take time off to find myself again.... yes to find me ... the one who was always bursting with energy, who was cheerful, who was always giving. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to do masters as He is making face alot of things in my life which I used to run away from......and when I surrender and stop struggling and I find strength again in Him. Yes He is made strong in my weaknesses. Amen

Well better late than never ..... I am recovering ..... I am living again ..... I have started studying again. After my exams in May, I will start having a social life ... I mean a balanced life.

Thanks to you guys who dropped words of encouragement and concern and for all the prayers .... it means alot and it had helped me to find myself again ... thanks :)

PS : I really like the sun light breaking through the clouds .... nothing remains forever .... the pain will end, there will be joy in the morning and there will always be hope the next day ... when the light breaks through the darkness .... thank You God.


Artist: Australia Hillsongs
Song: Magnificent

Who compares to You?
Who set the stars in their place?
You who calmed the raging seas
That came crashing over me.

Who compares to You?
You who bring the morning light,
The hope of all the earth
Is rest assured in Your great love.

You are magnificent,
Eternally wonderful, glorious.
Jesus, no one ever will compare (last time to tags)
To You, Jesus.

Where the evening fades,
You call forth songs of joy.
As the morning wakes,
We Your children give You praise.


Jesus, no one ever will compare
To You, Jesus.
No one ever will compare
To You, Jesus

Tuesday, 28 March 2006


* Persistent sad, anxious or "empty" mood
* Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism
* Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness
* Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed
* Decreased energy, fatigue
* Difficulty concentrating, remembering and making decisions
* Insomnia, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping
* Appetite and/or weight loss or overeating and weight gain
* Restlessness, irritability
* Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic pain


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I am tired .... tired physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally .... tired of everything ..... TIRED !!!!!

Happy Birthday Bro

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Today is my brother's birthday. He is in Manchester, UK now but he is always close by in our hearts. Hey bro ...wishing you all the best that life can bring and I am really looking forward to your wedding in November 2006 ... :)

Saturday, 25 March 2006


Seremban, the capital of Negeri Sembilan is 64km south from Kuala Lumpur. It has a population of 263,287 people. Seremban town started of with only two rows of shop houses which were built for the mining community. Nevertheless, it has bloomed rapidly since the transportation system development for example the railway service which connects to most of the major destinations in Malaysia. Seremban Railway Station was built in 1924 and it's one of the town's attraction.

Allson Klana Resort
Nestled deep within 24 acres of calm sprawling landscaped gardens, amidst the cascading sound of falling water,Al lies the splendid Allson Klana Resort, a perfect balance of the elements - business and pleasure at one with nature.

Created as a haven of tranquility from the bustling city - here business takes on an out of the box, at times even elevated approach. Here you can abandon your stress to the open pleasure of the surroundings or simply just stroll through our private Jungle - Sounds Mad?

Come and discover yourself...... You'll understand when you get here.

Famous Seremban Siew Pow My all time favorite ... yummy ... must try it when you in Seremban... sorry non halal
In the 1980s, Mrs Teh produced her exclusive siew pows and sold them with the helps of her children in Seremban. The tasty siew pows were well accepted among the community.

In the early of 1990s, four brothers of Teh family practiced mobile van sale. Due to great reputation, the sales volume had increased dramatically. The product was named “Seremban Siew Pow� with the meaning of produced locally in Seremban town.

To promote this delicious Chinese food to the whole Malaysia, Teh brothers changed their business strategy where the franchise system was applied.
After a few years of effort, in 1993, Seremban Siew Pow Food Stuff Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. was set up and led by Mr. Teh Siew Kee. A central kitchen was set up in Seremban and products were distributed to the whole country by cold storage system to ensure the products were maintained in good quality and great taste.

Seremban Siew Pow keeps seeking for new challenges. From only one product of Siew Pow in the early days, more new products were subsequently developed which now include Chicken Pow, Curry Chicken Pow, Cocoa Pow, Kaya Pow, Kaya Kok, Pineapple Tart, Salted Egg Cookies and other packed products such as Happy Cookies, Walnut Cookies, Egg Cookies, Flour Sticks, Pork Stick, Mongolian Yaki Pork Floss, Wedding Biscuits and Omochi.

Former State Secretariat Building, Seremban - one of the British Colonial Buildings

One of the Minangkabau houses in Seremban - more info at Virtual Malaysia and abcmalaysia

It is just so great to be home. Woke up at 5 am. Drove mom to work at 615 am. And I drove around town and it was great to be able to drive slow for once. People were not in a hurry. It was great to be away from the madrush in KL. I am refreshed again.

Friday, 24 March 2006

The courage to go on

When I am lonely and
Perhaps I feel despair,
Let not my ailing heart forget
That YOU hear every prayer...

Remind me that no matter what
I do or fail to do,
There still is hope for as long
as I have FAITH in YOU...

Let not my eyes be blinded by
Some folly I commit,
But help me to regret my wrong
And make amends for it.

Inspire me to put my fears
Upon a hidden shelf,
And in the future try not to
Feel sorry for myself.

Give me the rest I need
Before another dawn,
And bless me in the morning with

Monday, 20 March 2006

L License

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Yup I finally mustered enough courage and took the plunge to apply for a bike L License which will be ready by this week. I will be using my friend's Yamaha SS110 until I pass the bike test later.

Finally gonna use a bike and try it out if it is for me or not ..and do I have the guts to ride the KL roads ... gulp ...


I had started myself on antioxidants. Since there was a scale in Guardian... I bought myself time release 1000mg Vit C and Selenium. I am already taking Pharmaton Capsules which are multi vitamins with Ginseng. I still feel tired though but I am doing the best I thing missing is "Exercise" which I had not been doing at all ( yes Cynthia ... I am trying .. hehe ).

Here is an article by American Heart Assocation on antioxidant. Here is another nice article on Free radicals and antioxidants.

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I find this picture really funny :)
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Here are the antioxidants ... hopefully it will zap all my free radicals :) So do you take any antioxidants ?

Thursday, 16 March 2006

Dinner with an old friend in Midvalley

Today I met with an old old friend for dinner at Midvalley. I had not been to Midvalley for nearly a year now. I dont go there due to the jam and man I think the jam in Kuala Lumpur is really getting to me ..... I seriously need a bike to retain my sanity .... opppss off topic ...anyway I stayed back to study in the hospital after work and later went to Midvalley to meet up with this friend of mine who I had not seen for like one year. We met during our "Induksi" course for government servants in Kuala Trengganu ...

Well he is one guy who I can really talk crap with and just have a good laugh ..... it was great to be among old friend......anyway he said that I look like a doctor because I look pregnant coz I have a belly and I have lots of gray hair and my face look haggard .... duh ... did not know that I had withered so much .... duh ....and then he preached about the need to go to a gym. Haha .... I had a good laugh but deep inside I can see a big SOS ... I seriously need to do something about my health after my exams....

By the way he is doing masters in Oncology and he is attached to GHKL for 3 months
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This is how he looks like .....
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We ate at the Midvalley food court at the highest floor
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Erm ... could not help taking this picture ... Behold the new Honda Civic ...

Now for the depressing part ...just us I started picking up momentum in my studies, I FELL SICK .... duh .... major URTI ... hope I recover soon....

Monday, 13 March 2006

Bubur Cha Cha - My First Attempt

Well today I decided to make bubur cha cha - my very first attempt. Bubur cha cha is one of my favorite dishes. I was tempted to try it out after seeing chen wrote about it at her blog . Besides I had not gone home for more than a month and I was missing I decided to give it a try after much consultation from chen .... hehe .... my sifu tukangmasak (chef). She helped through the process of identifying the raw materials as I was hopeless at buying and identify food stuffs. I only know how to buy the instant stuffs. It was an enlightening experience. Chen found a picture for me from the internet to identify the raw materials...hehe....erm so I went looking for the stuffs. And I just found out that YAM = KELADI ( in Malay ) .. duh I had a good laugh.

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Ok here are the raw materials - Sweet Potatoes and Yam
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A close up of the Sweet Potatoes and Yam
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Brown sugar, Nestle Ideal Evaporated Milk and Sago
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My defences against itchiness while peeling the sweet potatoes and yam.
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Wow I have renew respect for the women of the WORLD who take so much trouble preparing food of us men .... it was not easy but I managed to slaughter the sweet potatoes and yam and dumped it into a pot. First I bring it to a boil and then let it shimmer for about an hour or 2 ... until the sweet potatoes and yam are soft. I added in a bit of brown sugar.
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The finished product. I boiled the sago separately ... I added in honey dew slices and the Nestle Ideal milk and VOILA - my very first home make bubur cha cha .... and it was YUMMY. All credit goes to chen ... thanks sis :)

It was fun and at least now I will have some desert when I study today. :)