Sunday, 12 February 2006

Zonked out after my ICU post call

Totally zonked out after my ICU ( intensive care unit ) on call. When I am on call I stay in the hospital for 24 hours - 8 am till 8 am the next day. I reached home about about 1145 am as I had to passover to the guys who are on call today about the patients in ICU. I collapsed from 12 noon till 7 pm. I was thinking of getting up at about 4 or 5 pm to study. Oh well, I guess my body knows best before I abuse it too much with my sleep debt .. which I can never seem to be able to pay back.

Ok back to books .... after my bath. :)


carcar said...

i am in the same 'never to be able to pay back' dilemma too..haha, lack of sleep due to mahjong session with frens all night long, oops..

happy studying ya ~~*

sbanboy said...

Haha Mahjong ????? So got wins lots of money or not ?? hehe ... thanks for dropping by

carcar said...

win? hmm, thought we are not supposed to 'gamble'? a good jesus follower like me will not get involve in that, hehehe :P

no prob, wil 'just passing by' as long as i have free time, or try my best if i have only a little free time :)

cheers and god bless!

Chen said...

I remember one of my bad calls..
I was too tired after on call that I slept straight after work till I missed lunch & dinner..
Woke up at 9 pm... eat something and then go to zzzz again..