Thursday, 1 December 2005

My few days in Paeds Institute

I have been working in the paeds OT since Monday. I was on call yesterday and as I was jonah ... well I kept doing cases. :) I also helped out at the paeds ICU when I was free later at night. This is a picture of a child who went for herniatomy as he has a right inguinal hernia. He was put to sleep under general anaesthesia and then a nerve block named as ilioinguinal block which will provide post operative analgesia. Well as you can see, the analgesia worked and he is smilling. He was done under a Day Care Operating Theater. The patients come in the morning and are seen by an anaesthesia doctor and then pass for operation if there are not contraindications. After the operation the patients are observed in the Day Care Ward until they are able to walk without support and able to pass urine ( in cases where caudal blocks are given).

Me and the patient. I was checking out on them in the Day Care Ward.

My on call yesterday. I had to take this picture. This one year Indian boy had an infection of the right hip joint. He was not moving his right leg so that surgeon did a hip joint washout (arthrotomy). He was done under general anaesthesia. After he woke up.. he was just so restless and we could not find the mother so I decided to just hold him until we can find his mother and he immediately stopped crying. Hmmm I should get kids of my own ... if only I find my other half .... :)

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