Friday, 23 December 2005

Kuala Pilah Hospital

Today my dad had to go for his routine eye check up at Kuala Pilah Hospital. So since I was on leave I decided to drive him to Kuala Pilah and also to visit my old friends in Kuala Pilah. It was really pleasant drive to Kuala Pilah. We started out journey at 735 am after having breakfast. I reached KP at about 810 am.

My dad went to the Eye Clinic for his check up while I went to ICU to check on my friends. It was great to see them again. I had worked previously in KP for about two and a half years. I had many fond memories there. As it was not very busy. The main OT was closed for renovation and there was no patients in ICU, we all went out for breakfast ( hmmm did I mention that I had breakfast earlier ?? ) It was great catching up on old times.

I took some pictures of the hospital. My camera settings were ISO 200, Vivid.

It was really cloudy and it looked like was gonna rain heavily...but thank God, it did not rain until I reached Seremban.

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Ta said...


I was the doctor who examined your father's eyes sometime last year in Kuala Pilah eye clinic. ;)