Saturday, 26 November 2005

Streamyx more stable now ...

Thanks to dobbs suggestion, I gave streamyx customer service a call 2 days back and received my service no. I received a call from a guy who was in charge of the streamyx connection but since I was on call yesterday, he was not able to solve the problem for me since he needed me to be home to check on my modem and connection. Anyway he called me again today when I was on my way home.

Well it took him about 1 hour to get my connection working. Now I dont have to wait an hour for me to be connected. It takes about 2 minutes to be connected which is a huge improvement. Well kudos to that guy who patiently went through a few connections with me until he got one which worked for me. Now I will need to get my streamyx connection fixed at my parent's home in Seremban. :-)

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dobbs said...

Good news indeed - glad they sorted it out. :)