Sunday, 20 November 2005

On call today

I am on call in the operating theater today. I hope it will not be so busy today. Well GHKL is a busy busy place but I thank God that I am learning so much here. I can gain alot of practical experiences here. And since GHKL is a tertiary centre, we receive alot of cases from the other hospitals. Therefore some of the cases can be very challenging as most of them come here when they are their end stage. But we have competent doctors here. I will treasure the experiences learned here.

I have been snapping some pictures of my fellow doctors which I only upload after I get back home tomorrow to my own apartment as I left my laptop at home which is too huge to carry around .. I made a mistake buying an Acer with 15.4 inches monitor .... duh .. it was my first laptop. I will make sure I get a smaller one which is more portable. Now that EDGE is being offered at half price at 49.50 bucks for unlimited usage I am so tempted to subscribe to it that I can access the internet anywhere. The offer is valid until Dec 31st 2005. The 50 % off is valid for 6 months and after that you will have to pay 99 bucks for EDGE. I am currently using streamyx unlimited package at home at 66 bucks per month. It really helped alot in searching for new journals related to my work and studies.

I have taken leave from next Tues till Thurs to go home to my parents and I also plan to go to Melaka to visit some friends to get my mind of my exams. I plan to start studying again by next week or the latest by Dec 1st so that I am prepared for the next exams in May 2006.

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